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apportion out among

To distribute portions of something. We only have so much food to apportion out among the guests that are here today.
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apportion something out (among some people)

to divide something and distribute it among people. He apportioned the cake out among the guests. He apportioned out the applications among all those in the waiting room.
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If a state has adopted the relevant clauses of the MTC regulations, then paying franchise taxes in other states can be the basis for a company to apportion income out of that state.
861 regulations require that taxpayers apportion interest expense to the various statutory groupings of gross income based on the average total value of the assets within each such grouping for the tax year, as determined under the asset valuation and asset characterization rules.
199-4(f)): Qualifying small taxpayers can use this method to allocate and apportion COGS and other deductions between DPGR and nondomestic production gross receipts.
In another case, the Appellate Tax Board (ATB) held that a Massachusetts manufacturer could not rely on the state's foreign-sale presumption to establish a right to apportion its income, because such presumption applies only to allow an entity to source its foreign sales outside the state once the right to apportion has been established.
taxpayers may allocate and apportion all of their deductible charitable contributions to U.
6 (1993), concerned how to apportion income between domestic and foreign sources for goods produced in the United States but sold abroad.
Klein urged the Commissioner to continue to support suspension of water-metering implementation until a fair way can be developed to apportion water costs.
However, many are not aware of the steps parties to real estate and corporate transactions take to limit those liabilities or to apportion them among themselves.
Therefore, a challenge that all storage technologies face is developing and gaining acceptance for models that fairly evaluate the benefits and apportion the costs to all affected parties.
Until 2009, taxpayers have three options available to allocate and apportion interest expense--the FMV method, tax book value method and alternative tax book value method.
408, the IRS announced its intention to modify the section 861 regulations essentially to eliminate the word "generally," thereby requiring taxpayers to ratably apportion the deduction for charitable contributions to all classes of gross income on an affiliated group basis.
Taxpayers should attempt to arrange their business and other economic activities to effectively minimize the income they apportion and allocate to states with high marginal tax rates.
The Department reasoned that, if it sought to more fairly apportion a corporate taxpayer's foreign dividend income, then the resulting income apportioned to New Mexico would be only that income earned in New Mexico; therefore, the discrimination problem would be cured.
Income taxes: Would retroactively reinstate 10 percent and 11 percent tax rates, respectively, on taxpayers with taxable incomes more than $115,000 and $230,000, and joint taxpayers with taxable incomes more than $230,000 and $460,000; would apportion the increased revenues, minus the mandated share for schools, among counties; would establish a formula for sharing the money among local agencies; and would prohibit future reductions of local agencies' proportionate share of property tax revenues.
Part II, below, discusses how to allocate and apportion interest, expenses and foreign taxes to the FTC baskets.