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apportion out among

To distribute portions of something. We only have so much food to apportion out among the guests that are here today.
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apportion something out (among some people)

to divide something and distribute it among people. He apportioned the cake out among the guests. He apportioned out the applications among all those in the waiting room.
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An even more peculiar and unfair feature of Gore is the Maryland Court of Appeals' decision to allow the Comptroller to apportion the out-of-state subsidiaries' income with the in-state parent company's apportionment formula.
Under such circumstances, the bonus amount must then be apportioned back over the workweeks during which it was earned--or, if it was not earned in specific weeks, in a reasonable and equitable method such as an equal amount each week.
As further explained by the 11th Circuit, "allowing Nadeau to apportion fault to Camus/DEK and Webster Bank is consistent with the policy underlying [section]768.81--to require a defendant to pay for the plaintiff's damages 'only in proportion to the percentage of fault by which that defendant contributed to the accident.'" (28)
In addition, property owners that incur fees greater than $50,000 will have the option to apportion amounts exceeding $50,000 for a period of 10 years, Mr.
"The BBC should realise that the way PRS apportions this blanket payment for works played on Radio Cymru (approx pounds 0.50 per min) is damaging to the music industry in Wales, demeans the music, and is certain to lead to a significant reduction in the production of new Welsh musical works in the future, which is also in turn, damaging to BBC Wales.
The committee will also monitor the separate investigation undertaken to apportion political responsibility.
According to Fikret Bekir from the Bulgarian National Tobbaco Producers'Association, the protesters are demanding that due state subsidies for tobacco that has already been produced and sold should be apportioned evenly between the producers.
We conclude that DOT may include privately operated or maintained highway lane miles in the calculation used to apportion highway funds to states under 23 U.S.C.
Foreign Secretary David Miliband conceded yesterday that the Iraq war inquiry would be able to apportion blame for what happened when it draws up its final report.
Mr Galloway, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow, told the Commons the inquiry into the war had to be able to "apportion blame" and, if so, show what legal action was available.
FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband conceded today that the Iraq war inquiry would be able to apportion blame for what happened when it draws up its final report.
Unless all of your business activity is in Nevada--and it probably isn't unless you're a Nevada resident operating a business in Nevada--you'll need to apportion your business income among the states where you operate.
On a divided floor landlords apportion common area hallways, bathrooms, electrical closets, slop sinks, fan rooms, etc.
"Senior Leader Development provides us with a unique opportunity to fully leverage and better apportion the inherent talents, experiences, and leadership skills of a combined force of senior leaders," said Gen.
The reports also attempt to apportion blame for these phenomena.