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appoint (one) to

To assign one a certain title or role. I can hardly believe that the trustees have appointed me to the position of chairman.
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at the appointed time

At a specific, designated time. You need to be in court at the appointed time. I'll never get to my interview at the appointed time with all this traffic!
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appoint someone to something

to select or assign someone to serve in a particular role. (Usually focusing on the role of the person or on a group of persons with similar roles.) l am going to appoint you to the position of treasurer. Fred tried to appoint himself to the board of directors, but it violated the by-laws.
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at the appointed time

at the expected or assigned time. The cab pulled up in the driveway at the appointed time. We all met at the hotel at the appointed time.
See also: appoint, time
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Ibrar Hussain Admn Officer coordination has been appointed as park manager lake view park and Junaid Afzal lake view park manager has been appointed as park manager Damane Koh.
Herb Jourdan of Longwood, FL appointed Assistant Treasurer
Ambassador to Denmark Toshio Sano was appointed ambassador of the Delegation of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament, Ambassador to Guatemala Teruaki Nagasaki was appointed ambassador to the Vatican, and Tatsushi Terada, former vice minister for global environment affairs at the Environment Ministry, was appointed ambassador to Kenya.
STEVE GORDON, CPA (Washington State Chapter), was appointed CFO of Trumba Corp.
Suzanne Killian was appointed assistant director for Consumer Compliance Supervision Oversight.
Fisher was appointed vice president & chief sustainability officer for DuPont.
Richmond, Indiana, appointed Bill McBride vice president of operations.
Stutz has been appointed executive director of the Golden Slipper Uptown Home in Philadelphia.
The company appointed Ted Gentsch director of information systems and Brian Kress project development manager.
Under the old rules, a representative appointed under form 2848 could delegate authority to (or substitute) a representative even without a specific grant of authority from a taxpayer.
Crane, president and chief executive officer of Crane Group, Columbus, Ohio, was appointed chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland for 2007 and was reappointed to a three-year term as a Bank director.
The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) announced that the following six members have been appointed as volunteer officers for the state of New York:
LANCASTER - Bruce MacPherson, an architect who grew up in the Antelope Valley, has been appointed to the Lancaster Planning Commission.
He was appointed to the official staff in 2001, after returning from a two-year visit to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.