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appoint (one) to

To assign one a certain title or role. I can hardly believe that the trustees have appointed me to the position of chairman.
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at the appointed time

At a specific, designated time. You need to be in court at the appointed time. I'll never get to my interview at the appointed time with all this traffic!
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appoint someone to something

to select or assign someone to serve in a particular role. (Usually focusing on the role of the person or on a group of persons with similar roles.) l am going to appoint you to the position of treasurer. Fred tried to appoint himself to the board of directors, but it violated the by-laws.
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at the appointed time

at the expected or assigned time. The cab pulled up in the driveway at the appointed time. We all met at the hotel at the appointed time.
See also: appoint, time
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77-182 in which it concluded that a power to appoint a successor corporate trustee only in the event of the resignation or removal by judicial process of the original trustee did not amount to a power to remove the original trustee and, therefore, did not endow the decedent with control over trust income.
Upon completion of the liquidation of Appoint, the management of ATI intends to focus its efforts and resources on the operations of Standard Logic Inc.
27, 1994, Renaissance sold the Appoint Collateral to APT Inc.
Picken resigned as president and chief executive officer of ATI, and as president and a director of Appoint.
We recognized, at the time of the acquisition, that Appoint Inc.
The Nomination Committee shall appoint one of the members to be the Chairman of the Committee.
Newhall County Water is entitled to nominate its own director to one of 11 voting seats on CLWA's board, but CLWA has authority to appoint one representative from the Santa Clarita Valley's four retail water companies.
Gliffic Plus is the latest in a line of innovative input devices from Appoint.
9 to appoint a replacement for Carney or to call a special election, which could cost $35,000 to $40,000, City Clerk Victoria Hancock said.
We've been looking for a software program that is well matched with our mouse devices," said Cynthia Colmenares, vice president of sales at Appoint.
that the Board's right to appoint special auditors be revised to conform with the new Companies Act (ss.
Like all Appoint products, the Jurassic Mouse relies on friction control rather than gravity, permitting the use of the device on any surface and at almost any angle.
The agreement provides that Appoint Technologies will acquire AMT International for approximately 1,000,000 shares of Appoint Technologies' common stock and the assumption of certain obligations, including $1,300,000 in term debt.
With increasing emphasis on computers in education and at home, our product designers thought it was only natural that children should have an input device that looks familiar and is associated with learning," said Cynthia Colmenares, vice president of sales at Appoint.
The Trustee is not calling a meeting of unitholders at this time to appoint a successor Trustee as JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.