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appoint (one) to

To assign one a certain title or role. I can hardly believe that the trustees have appointed me to the position of chairman.
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at the appointed time

At a specific, designated time. You need to be in court at the appointed time. I'll never get to my interview at the appointed time with all this traffic!
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appoint someone to something

to select or assign someone to serve in a particular role. (Usually focusing on the role of the person or on a group of persons with similar roles.) l am going to appoint you to the position of treasurer. Fred tried to appoint himself to the board of directors, but it violated the by-laws.
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at the appointed time

at the expected or assigned time. The cab pulled up in the driveway at the appointed time. We all met at the hotel at the appointed time.
See also: appoint, time
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95-5 1 the power to remove the t appoint an individual or corporate successor trustee not related to the decedent is not considered discretionary control over trust income.
Article Two: Appoints Maqbool bin Ali bin Sultan as a Minister of Transport and Communications
Article Three: Appoints Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al Harthy as a Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs
Article Four: Appoints Mohammed bin Nassir bin Mansoor al Kusaibi as a Minister of Commerce and Industry
Workers' Comp Fund Appoints New Underwriting Officers
Delta Dental plans Appoints President-CEO for 3 States.
GAB Robins Group Appoints Executive Vice President-CFO
Zurich Global Energy Appoints Smith as Senior Vice President
Unitrin Appoints Royster President of United Insurance