apply (oneself) to (something)

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apply (oneself) to (something)

To put forth effort toward some task or goal. Honey, if you would just apply yourself to your schoolwork, you would get much better grades. I refuse to apply myself to a losing proposition like this one. Why waste my time on something that will never get funding? I'm impressed with how much Greg has applied himself to this project.
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apply oneself to something

to work hard and diligently at something. You should apply yourself to your studies. She applied herself to her work and the time passed very rapidly.
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apply something to something

1. Lit. to put something onto the surface of something. Apply the decal to the surface of the glass. Apply the paint evenly to each surface.
2. Fig. to use something, such as force, effort, etc., on something or in the performance of some task. Apply more effort in your school work. An even greater effort has been applied to make sure we finish on time.
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apply to someone or something

[for rules, laws, etc.] to affect someone or something; to be relevant to someone or something. Does this rule apply to me? These policies apply only to very large companies.
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apply to

1. To attach something to the surface of something: You must apply the glue to the paper sparingly, or else the paper will wrinkle.
2. To put something to some special use: She applied all her income to the mortgage.
3. To be pertinent or relevant to someone or something: This rule applies to everyone; there are no exceptions.
4. To request or seek assistance, admission, or employment from some organization: I will apply to college next year.
5. To devote someone or someone's efforts to something. Used reflexively: In the summer I relaxed, but in the fall I applied myself to my studies.
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References in classic literature ?
When you come home you sit down in a sober, contemplative, not uncharitable frame of mind, and apply yourself to your books or your business.
"It is that you will let me know, deliberately, whether, in case of my death, you will carry out my wishes: whether you will avoid doing what I should deprecate, and apply yourself to do what I should desire."
If you lived in an unfinished house, you couldn't settle down in it; if you were condemned to leave everything you undertook unfinished, you would find it hard to apply yourself to anything; and yet that's my unhappy case.
"You have to be prepared to apply yourself to your studies, you can't be afraid of a bit of hard work."
Positive changes on the work front are foreseen as you apply yourself to the problems at hand.
These two are opposites, one offers a lightness of touch and the other wisdom - a combination that could help you apply yourself to a conversation that requires you to be both wise and approachable.
apply yourself to whatever you're genius at and you can do anything in the world," he said.
You need to first understand the reasons why such change is necessary, accept them and then apply yourself to the gradual transformation of your behavior.
They aren't saying that if you apply yourself to a harder subject you will have a wider range of options."
If your social life has been buzzing, take a break and apply yourself to the foundations of your world.
It was obviously busy, but if you apply yourself to booking on the internet - and most of the affected would have used this medium to travel out - then there was plenty of room for the "stranded".
As a batsman you apply yourself to make a barrier in front of the wicket.
The more you apply yourself to this principle, the more success you will find yourself having.
Why then do you not apply yourself to this, and carry the war in a straightforward manner to the place where Hannibal is...?