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apply to

1. To use for a specific reason or goal. In this usage, a noun appears between "apply" and "to." I want to live debt-free, so I just applied all of my savings to my student loans.
2. To take action for a specific outcome. In this usage, a noun appears between "apply" and "to." If you apply more time to your studies, I'm sure you'll pass your test. Apply more pressure to stop the bleeding.
3. To rub or place something onto another surface. In this usage, a noun appears between "apply" and "to." Apply the cream to your foot once a day to reduce the inflammation. Have you applied the frosting to the cake yet?
4. To submit an application for something, such as a job, school, or program. I applied to the scholarship program, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Which colleges have you applied to?
5. To impact or be pertinent to a person, thing, or group. The new dress code applies to all employees, regardless of seniority. I'm pretty sure that rule only applies to underclassmen.
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apply within

1. noun A set phrase indicating that one can enter a particular business (such as a store) and submit an application for employment there. It typically appears on a sign posted on the door or window of the business. The sign outside says "apply within," so here I am! Can I have an application?
2. verb To enter a particular business (such as a store) and submit an application for employment there. If you're interested in working there, you can apply within.
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apply something to something

1. Lit. to put something onto the surface of something. Apply the decal to the surface of the glass. Apply the paint evenly to each surface.
2. Fig. to use something, such as force, effort, etc., on something or in the performance of some task. Apply more effort in your school work. An even greater effort has been applied to make sure we finish on time.
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apply to someone or something

[for rules, laws, etc.] to affect someone or something; to be relevant to someone or something. Does this rule apply to me? These policies apply only to very large companies.
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apply within

to ask about something [inside some place]. (Usually part of a sign or announcement posted outside a place.) The sign outside the office read, "Apply within." If you are interested in working here, please apply within.
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apply to

1. To attach something to the surface of something: You must apply the glue to the paper sparingly, or else the paper will wrinkle.
2. To put something to some special use: She applied all her income to the mortgage.
3. To be pertinent or relevant to someone or something: This rule applies to everyone; there are no exceptions.
4. To request or seek assistance, admission, or employment from some organization: I will apply to college next year.
5. To devote someone or someone's efforts to something. Used reflexively: In the summer I relaxed, but in the fall I applied myself to my studies.
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84-58, the IRS applied the overpayment to the first installment.
The IRS has applied the step-transaction doctrine and ruled that certain transactions fail the section 368(a)(i)(D) control requirement.
Production Components has applied Micro Tuff to nearly 60% of its dies in the last 18 months.
VALID([TM]) Software - Applied Biosystems is also delivering a new software application for forensic DNA laboratories that is expected to reduce the amount of labor associated with conducting validation studies required to implement new forensic DNA technology, such as the MiniFiler kit.
May applied the overpayment to the following fiscal year, but did not indicate the installment to which it should be applied.
The addition of Identisphere to our existing Identiforce product represents the realization of Applied Identity's vision for building a complete identity-driven access control and policy management offering," said Brian Nugent, President & CEO of Applied Identity.
With the dissolving corporate network perimeter and growing risks from insider threats, customers are seeking ways to layer security to better protect network assets," said Jon Shalowitz, Vice President of Products for Applied Identity.
BG Medicine has also validated and implemented Applied Biosystems' proteomic biomarker discovery tools - including Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX's mass spectrometers, software and Applied Biosystems' iTRAQ[TM] reagents - over the past two years in an industrial setting.
Lilly will receive the exclusive worldwide rights to the intellectual property related to Applied NeuroSolutions' expertise in understanding the molecular neuropathology of AD as it pertains to the formation of neurofibrillary tangles.
We believe that Applied Materials is the right company, at the right time, with the right technologies to lead the next wave of solar industry growth," continued Splinter.
Now, with Applied Watch, those other open source security tools can be managed from the same Applied Watch Command Center dashboard along with their global IDS and IPS sensor deployments.
Applied Biosystems has already initiated a number of new collaborations with leading ISVs directly and through organizations such as the BioIT Alliance, a cross-industry working group of pharmaceutical, biotech, hardware, and software companies exploring new ways to share complex biomedical data and collaborate among multi-disciplinary teams to speed the pace of discovery in the life sciences.
Applied Biosystems (NYSE: ABI), an Applera Corporation business, and its joint venture partner, MDS Sciex, a division of MDS Inc.
Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE:ABI), an Applera Corporation business, today announced that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of Agencourt Personal Genomics (APG), a privately-held developer of next-generation genetic analysis technologies, for approximately $120 million in cash.
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