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make application to (one) for (something)

To submit a formal application for something to some person or body of authority. You must make application to the Minister for Immigration for any and all permits to remain within the state beyond the standard allowance of 90 days. I'm making application to HR for an appeal to the boss's decision.
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make application (to someone or something) (for something)

to apply to a person or an office for something. You must make application to the committee for admission. Can I make application to this office for a scholarship?
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As promising as geotechnical applications are, the volume of sand that smaller metalcasters can provide might limit their ability to participate in the application.
Instead, some SAP customers are using NetWeaver for building composite applications that incorporate both SAP and non-SAP business systems.
Applications: General purpose and specialty molding
We have since expanded those capabilities and are taking advantage of NetContinuum's sophisticated technology to secure both our FTP and Mail applications. We're big fans of application proxies and believe it's a security best practice.
Business process management, or BPM, applications, have flourished in recent years, especially at large corporations attempting to extract maximum value from disparate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.
For instance, the NIEHS has some special characteristics that present challenges to the review of our applications. Our broad scientific mission contributes to applications being dispersed over a wide range of study section topics.
Since half of her applications come from new graduates who are comfortable with technology, Kudelka was determined to create a paperless system.
McCrory has seen many of his clients try to virtualize everything early on, only to find some applications and machines are not good candidates for virtualization.
-You can maintain the safe and smooth running of your server and applications without having to reconstruct the whole environment.
Some universities, such as Denison (Ohio), offer travel money to bring such students to campus, or assist with the completion of applications. Some, like the University of Vermont, establish relationships with high schools with large numbers of lower-income and underrepresented minority students and visit them to teach students how to apply for admission and financial aid.
Probably the simplest way to move data between applications that support standard Microsoft Windows operating conventions, but not a suitable solution for anything more than a onetime copy of small amounts of data--and certainly not a long-term strategy.
* the entry of non-crosslinked foams for relatively low performance applications (e.g., trunkliners);
For applications received before January 1, 2004, lenders may use the definitions of a home improvement loan and a refinancing that were in effect in 2003.
But what if applications vendors could agree on a standard for inter-application communication?
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