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make application to (one) for (something)

To submit a formal application for something to some person or body of authority. You must make application to the Minister for Immigration for any and all permits to remain within the state beyond the standard allowance of 90 days. I'm making application to HR for an appeal to the boss's decision.
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make application (to someone or something) (for something)

to apply to a person or an office for something. You must make application to the committee for admission. Can I make application to this office for a scholarship?
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Cement kilns need aggregate materials to produce their product, but this application may not be an option for individual metalcasters.
In reality, will a company ever rip out its enterprise applications from one vendor so it can install SAP NetWeaver?
Application proxies provide comprehensive application assurance services to data center teams: securing the web applications from professional hackers and their methods, accelerating the user experience through caching, compression and connection pooling, and increasing application availability through load balancing and application health checks.
Let's take our capabilities and integrate them, and allow the various applications to talk to each other,'" says Suzanne Fortman, marketing manager for Cincom Smalltalk, a software development suite offering features that facilitate SOA.
'I can look at a whole application on one page," says Clark.
Administrators are accustomed to supporting desktops where a poorly installed application only impacts one user.
Ease of navigation is one of the critical requirements for the Web application. Suitably placed tabs with tab names signifying the logical grouping allow for easy navigation.
-The open source software applications, that consist in and run on SpaceTag Server, are provided with incremental patches for various bugs and security holes.
It also follows the trend toward online filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (, the online registration and score reporting for the SAT ( and the ACT (www.
At the center of this approach is the creation of reusable application logic using the Internet as the underlying infrastructure--and a host of buzzwords and acronyms:
* the entry of non-crosslinked foams for relatively low performance applications (e.g., trunkliners);
Application Deadline: Annual early application deadline is 06-02.
(3) If the applicant did not provide information on race in a mail, Internet, or telephone application (code 7) in 2003, use code 3 (information not provided by applicant in mail, Internet, or telephone application) for reporting ethnicity.
This application integration solution has also attracted the attention of major business suite providers; such as SAP and Oracle, which are featuring Web services in the next generation of products to enable integration between products and allow customers easier access to data within applications.
Enterprise application integration (EAI) is a kind of technological Velcro, enabling computer systems to accommodate such change.
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