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(one's) applecart

One's plans or goals. I'm worried that not making the Olympic team after so many years of hard work would totally upset Ben's applecart. Look, he's not trying to upset her applecart—he just needs to meet later in the day now, that's all.
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upset (one's) applecart

To ruin or interfere with one's plans or goals. Look, he's not trying to upset your applecart or anything—he just needs to meet later in the day now, that's all. I had some ideas on how they could improve things, but I didn't want to upset their applecart this late in development.
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upset the applecart

To ruin or interfere with one's plans or goals. Look, he's not trying to upset the applecart—he just needs to meet later in the day now, that's all.
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upset the applecart

Spoil carefully laid plans, as in Now don't upset the applecart by revealing where we're going. This expression started out as upset the cart, used since Roman times to mean "spoil everything." The precise idiom dates from the late 1700s.
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upset the applecart

If someone or something upsets the applecart, they do something which causes trouble or which spoils a satisfactory situation. It will only upset the applecart and confuse the issue if the topic is raised too soon. Note: You can also say that someone or something overturns the applecart. She still has the power to overturn the applecart by the sheer force of her personality and vocabulary.
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upset the applecart, to

To ruin carefully laid plans. This metaphor, without the modifying “apple,” dates from Roman times. Both Plautus and Lucian used “You’ve upset the cart” to mean “You’ve spoiled everything.” Specifying “applecart” dates from the late eighteenth century, and the changed phrase is the one that survives. Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1796) suggests that “applecart” stood for the human body, and that the phrase meant to throw a person down, but that interpretation was either mistaken or the particular symbolism died out.
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But it's a good one, it's a former club and with Debbie's whole family being Middlesbrough supporters, we'll just have to upset the applecart, won't we?"
Even as global markets were coming around to believe that real progress was being made in the US-China trade negotiations and that a deal was imminent, Trump's tweets - as they so often have recently - upset the applecart and sent investors scurrying for cover.
"Occasionally, he could cause problems where they weren't necessary and you always felt there was a possibility that he could upset the applecart.
But the father-of-two has made a bloody career out of upsetting the applecart.
But there is one more applecart for the Hayemaker to upset when he launches his comeback, after three-and-ahalf years out of the ring, at London's O2 arena tonight.
1 MERTHYR produced a five-star Southern League Premier fightback against a Hitchin side, who looked on course to upset the applecart in the opening 35 minutes.
"We are still in the tie." If TNS can manage to upset the applecart, they will face a third qualifying round match against either Irish side Dundalk or BATE Borisov from Belarus.
He added that the political strategy envisaged by Asif Zardari upset Imran Khan's "applecart and his dreams, which he was seeing in the broad day light to become prime minister, shattered badly".
Mr Jones wasn't afraid to upset the applecart if he believed in something.
The Steelmen lost 23-22 at Eugene Cross Park on March 30, 2013, and again confirmed their quality in coming desperately near to upsetting the Premiership applecart.
According to information received here, Oman's outfit upset the applecart of Ah Hilal in a pulsating Group A match.
If it misfires, however, you may upset the applecart, and then your plans will be spoiled like a rotten apple.
If you are so insecure that a brown bottle upsets your applecart, seek therapy.
" Saand represents someone who upsets the applecart of corruption," says Dhar.
he only reason I can think of - which I am sure is the reason - is they do not want to upset any club's applecart.