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(one's) applecart

One's plans or goals. I'm worried that not making the Olympic team after so many years of hard work would totally upset Ben's applecart. Look, he's not trying to upset her applecart—he just needs to meet later in the day now, that's all.
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upset the applecart

To ruin or interfere with one's plans or goals. Look, he's not trying to upset the applecart—he just needs to meet later in the day now, that's all.
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upset the applecart

Spoil carefully laid plans, as in Now don't upset the applecart by revealing where we're going. This expression started out as upset the cart, used since Roman times to mean "spoil everything." The precise idiom dates from the late 1700s.
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upset the applecart

If someone or something upsets the applecart, they do something which causes trouble or which spoils a satisfactory situation. It will only upset the applecart and confuse the issue if the topic is raised too soon. Note: You can also say that someone or something overturns the applecart. She still has the power to overturn the applecart by the sheer force of her personality and vocabulary.
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NUNEATON aim to upset the applecart this weekend in their final Federation Crown Green Bowls Championship clash with Bolton and book their place in the knockout stage of the prestigious tournament.
With a lucrative domestic dust-up against Scott Quigg in the offing, Martinez has not been picked by Frampton's manager Barry McGuigan to come and upset the applecart.
But Locos upset the applecart to re-ignite their own league challenge.
We're just hoping, along with half of Merseyside, that Moyes's boys can upset the applecart again.
Far from upsetting the applecart at Molineux, McCarthy believes his existing squad will welcome major new players, even if their experience means they will need higher wages, as he looks to bolster the side and protect its new-found status in the Barclays Premier League.
People can write us off as much as they want but let's hope we can upset the applecart.
We've got to some how be competitive in every game and also somehow upset the applecart again.
And although the holders will once again start as favourites, the Ospreys are confident of upsetting the applecart and avenging last season's disappointment at the Millennium Stadium.
On the other side of the coin, I don't want to upset the applecart with my players with someone on a vast amount of wages who doesn't want to play.
With the focus on interest rates/inflation recently centred on the state of the housing market and consumer spending, data published this week highlights another area with potential to upset the applecart.
There is, however, one man who could very well upset the applecart - Darren Clarke.
Runner-up in 2005, the ground was against him last year, but if the rain stays away he could upset the applecart.
There are a few players I'm looking at but I've got to make sure it doesn't upset the applecart.
But despite having no qualification hopes, Kobiashvili says his men are desperate to upset Blokhin's applecart.