apple of eye

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the apple of (one's) eye

A cherished or favored person. This phrase is thought to be Biblical in origin. My nephew is just the apple of my eye. He has five kids, but his only daughter is clearly the apple of his eye.
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apple of (one's) eye

One that is treasured: Her grandson is the apple of her eye.
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apple of one's eye, the

A cherished person or thing. The term comes from the ancient concept that the eye’s pupil was a solid, apple-shaped body, and, being essential to sight, was precious. It appears in the Bible (Deuteronomy 32:10): “He [the Lord] kept him [Israel] as the apple of his eye.”
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References in classic literature ?
"So going to Benares, where will find address and forward rupees for boy who is apple of eye, and for Almighty God's sake execute this education, and your petitioner as in duty bound shall ever awfully pray.
Islamabad -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has turned the direction of its cannons towards Asif Ali Zardari after Nawaz Sharif and decided to bring two bureaucrats to Pakistan through Interpol who are apple of eye of PPP's Co-Chairperson.
The tot has been the apple of eye of everyone he has met in Wellington and was seen showing off his crawling skills on Wednesday as he enjoyed his play date with ten kids of his age group.
ISLAMABAD -- Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has remarked no one including president, prime minister and chief justice should be apple of eye of Wapda and power be supplied on the basis of equality to all from Khyber to Karachi.
No one including the president, prime minister and chief justice should be apple of eye of Wapda.
The paintings are presented with titles The Lost Prince, Apple of Eye, My Heart Skipped Beat, Scrambled, Fragments, Glitch, The Couch, Things in My Head, and a few series of works.