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applaud (one) to the echo

To vocally support or encourage one. Primarily heard in UK. The fans really applauded us to the echo in the championship game. The other attendees applauded the actress to the echo after her emotional acceptance speech. I can't believe that so many of our fans made the trip all the way here, just so they could applaud us to the echo!
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applaud (or cheer) someone to the echo

applaud (or cheer) someone very enthusiastically.
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Given that Washington does not want to cut the flow of $1.3 billion to the coup maker generals in Egypt, you should also support this action by applauding these generals.
With only two minutes remaining, Beckham complained at a decision by referee Arturo Dauden Ibanez for which he was booked and moments later was shown a second yellow and consequent red card for applauding the referee.
"Stretching down the nearly endless halls of the Pentagon were men and women, civilians and military, gratefully applauding the selfless sacrifice of these young men and women."
The issue of applauding a soldier's actions is not about the particular person but about the uniform he or she chooses to wear and what that uniform represents.
Kilicdaroglu, who was seen applauding Oymen's speech criticizing the government's Kurdish initiative in which he drew the controversial Dersim revolt analogy, said he had applauded the parts he agreed with in Oymen's speech.
Alex Salmond, our First Minister, applauding the unveiling of a copy of Mary Queen of Scots death warrant.
Everton fans applauded the Watford fans for their appreciation - then the Watford fans applauded the Everton fans for applauding them!
He was booked for a foul on Quique Alvarez and then shown a second yellow card for sarcastically applauding the referee, right under his nose.
He assures me that applauding during the middle of a ballet is relatively new.
HEART-WARMING story of the season has to be Fiorentina boss Delio Rossi throwing punches at Adem Ljajic for sarcastically applauding his decision to substitute him.
I was applauding the fans because I thought they put up a good effort," he added.
Mrs Hunter doesn't seem to mind that she is applauding the escape of murderers.