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applaud (one) to the echo

To vocally support or encourage one. Primarily heard in UK. The fans really applauded us to the echo in the championship game.
See also: applaud, echo

applaud (or cheer) someone to the echo

applaud (or cheer) someone very enthusiastically.
See also: applaud, echo, someone
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Khreis deemed Sleiman's decision to postpone Parliamentary Consultations applaudable.
And, while the accomplishments of 2010 are applaudable in any light, they are all the more encouraging when considered in the context of the scope of the challenges the industry faced.
The arena of competition in the advertisement and marketing campaigns also applaudable, this creating the sense of creativity and out of the box thinking to create and introduce such ideas which take lead over the rivals.
Looking at the pace with which China and India are paving their way in the energy sector is truly applaudable.
1 That a version of nationalism is morally applaudable and its relation with Olympism is complementary;
The efforts of the organizing committee for displaying many varieties of orchids under one roof is applaudable.
All the above might be applaudable, had it not been for the fact that four of the six water features were broken and out of action, and that my son still had an accident as he collided with another child.
the tripartite-patterned relationship between the leading (specifically economic) interest groups and the government over some components of public policy-making, appears as not that much of an applaudable development.
It's applaudable, but if you don't put some extra resources in there you're creating more problems," said Jay Smink, who directs the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network at Clemson University.
Although the policy behind the statute was not attacked, it is applaudable that the case itself caused so much social uproar that the government apologized for the eugenics regime and began to offer compensation.
This is an applaudable decision, even if most players will prefer to leave the handsome volume unmarked and employ a surreptitious photocopy in its place.
While Dante's eschatology is communal in nature, it also has an individual component as indicated by his elaborate cosmic ordering that showcases an array of deplorable and applaudable responses to the "already, not yet" coming of Christ.
The initiative by SOAWR Coalition members to work in harmony with governments is not only innovative, but also applaudable, debunking the belief that CSOs and Governments are sworn enemies.
The effort was viewed by many as applaudable whereas many felt that such admission of guilt did not go far enough in minimizing the pain and suffering of the countless victims and their families.
We can boast an excellent staff of trained people who can evacuate the building with applaudable speed.