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applaud (one) to the echo

To vocally support or encourage one. Primarily heard in UK. The fans really applauded us to the echo in the championship game.
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applaud (or cheer) someone to the echo

applaud (or cheer) someone very enthusiastically.
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"We are delighted that such a prestigious and well respected charity as Barnardo's has opted to work with Applaud to transform the way it works with Oracle HR," said Ivan Harding, CEO and co-founder of Applaud.
So come on Pentagon, the US State Department and even the White House; get up and zealously applaud what happened in Egypt.
Third, I applaud the first class of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) warrant officers.
Summary: London - Amnesty International (AI, based in London), applauded Monday the "maturity" that the Moroccan authorities showed during the demonstrations held Sunday in a number of cities.
October 6 2010 -- Maple Leaf Foods has been applauded by an analyst for taking strategic action to improve its margins.
On arrival she was presented with a bouquet of flowers and applauded by hundreds of children and colleagues lining the corridor.
Others will seek alternatives, and for this they should be applauded. I was one of those students that applied and was rejected.
"The fans are going to applaud and I do not think anyone will have heard applause like it anywhere in the world."
Beckham was shown a yellow card for dissent and then a red after he sarcastically applauded referee Arturo Dauden Ibanez in the 87th minute of the Primera Liga game at the Bernabeu.
Sure, there were pockets of people inside the hall--maybe three or four dozen--who refused to applaud or acknowledge the day's guest of honour in any way But the rest applauded on cue and even gave Morgentaler two standing ovations as he rattled on about what a wonderful fellow he was and how--wait for it--"the crime rate, especially violent crime, has been decreasing because there are fewer unwanted children."
I applaud the authors for their courage in attempting such an unstructured group experience with adolescents.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am writing to applaud the revisions to the final regulations amending Circular 230 governing practice before the Internal Revenue Service that were released on May 18, 2005.
"We applaud the NYT for putting an excellent reporter on the story who had no previous prejudices and who wanted to give the field a fresh look,.
Presenting the pair with floral bouquets, she said, "We salute them, we applaud them, and we are inspired by them.
And we need delegates to attend the Annual Gala to help us celebrate and applaud these important contributions from our Award winners.