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whet (one's) appetite

To spark one's interest in something. The first chapter of that novel really whetted my appetite—I'm eager to read more of it tonight.
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get up an appetite

Fig. to do something to make one very hungry. (Usually in this order.) He can't seem to get up an appetite these days. Whenever I jog, I really get up an appetite.
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have an appetite for something

1. Lit. to have a desire to eat something in particular. I have an appetite for a nice big steak.
2. Fig. to have a desire to have, see, hear, etc., something. Bobby has a big appetite for sports and activity. Bob has no appetite for violence on television.
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lose one's appetite

to lose one's desire to eat. After that gory movie, I'm afraid I've lost my appetite.
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whet someone's appetite

Fig. to cause someone to be interested in something and to be eager to have, know, learn, etc., more about it. Seeing that film really whetted my sister's appetite for horror films. She now sees as many as possible. My appetite for theater was whetted when I was very young.
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whet one's appetite

Arouse one's interest or eagerness, as in That first Schubert piece whetted my appetite; I hope she sings some others. This idiom, first recorded in 1612, transfers making one hungry for food to other kinds of eagerness.
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whet someone's appetite

COMMON If something whets your appetite for a particular thing, it makes you want it. Winning the World Championship should have whetted his appetite for more success. Her appetite already whetted by the book, she took a trip to England. Note: You can also say that something whets the appetite. The series is entertaining, and it certainly whets the appetite. Note: To whet a knife means to sharpen it.
See also: appetite, whet

whet someone's appetite

stimulate someone's interest by partial revelation.
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ˌwhet somebody’s ˈappetite

make somebody feel hungry; make somebody interested in something: Don’t eat too much of this dish. It’s only to whet your appetite for the main course.One of my teachers lent me a book about climbing, and it really whetted my appetite.
If you whet a knife, sword, etc., you make it sharper.
See also: appetite, whet
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Stimuli presented for 200 ms are too fast for conscious deployment of attention; therefore, initial orienting to such stimuli may be driven by implicit appetitive processes that can detect and operate on nonconscious stimuli.
reduce d alcohol intake), suggesting that opiate antagonist effects in the self-administration model reflect interference with Pavlovian components of the appetitive processes regulating alcohol intake.
An obvious objection to the above approach is that the argument for the tripartitioning of the soul in Republic serves as the introduction to the assignment of the virtues to the several parts: wisdom to the calculative part, courage to the spirited part, moderation or temperance to the appetitive part and to the spirited part, and justice to all three parts.
The MOC encompasses reinforcement and punishment with appetitive and aversive stimuli in many behavioral situations, whereas the CVO appears to deal only with appetitive reinforcement in the context of free-operant responding.
Macbeth's action here illustrates the sheer paradox of akrasia: he has consciously resolved to do the dreadful deed and yet he is led by an appetitive will so alien to his moral understanding that his action seems to be compelled by an external force, brilliantly illustrated by this fictitious, bloody dagger, "Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain" (2.
Neural and psychological mechanisms underlying appetitive learning: links to drug addiction.
Second, beginning with this preexisting relationship (6), some event occurs that adds aversive stimulus qualities to the value of the target person such that that aversive stimulus value saliently competes with the pre-existing appetitive stimulus value.
Her narrative emphatically resists, I would suggest, any formulation of desire which positions her as either pure, desexualized victim or aberrant, appetitive agent.
The very structure of the appetitive faculty is to reach out toward what the cognitive faculty presents as the true/good, to draw it to itself, thereby moving to become one with it.
CS-US interval as a determinant of the form of Pavlovian appetitive conditioned responses.
Second, imaging studies in healthy people without AOD addiction should attempt to identify patterns of brain activity generally associated with appetitive and aversive motivation (i.
Moving beyond these overall remarks, I wish next to pursue one prominent theme of The Phenomenon of Life, itself the central feature of living phenomena, this very matter of need and striving, what for short I shall call the appetitive or passionate nature of life.
With our union, we have significantly increased our growth prospects and expansion appetitive.
Thomas's account neither espouses the notion that reason is devoid of any appetitive influence nor so conflates reason and will as to suggest that thinking becomes essentially a form of willing.
Those data showed that, whereas interceptive Pavlovian CSs can modulate operant behavior that shares a common appetitive food reinforcer, interoceptive [S.