appertain to

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appertain to (someone)

To apply or pertain to someone. What rights appertain to me as a naturalized citizen? These rules appertain to anyone sitting on a jury. Does this ordinance appertain to us if we are only renting a home in the township?
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appertain to something

[of a responsibility or privilege] to belong to something as a right. Do these rights appertain to a third cousin of the deceased? The statement doesn't make sense. It appertains to no one as it is stated.
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Practiced in all that portion of human knowledge which appertains to a salesman, he let the sweet girls select two or three dozen handkerchiefs of great beauty, but totally without ornament, and even pay for them, before he said a word on the subject of the claims of his reserved corps.
They take care of their babies, they change diapers, wash the babies, drop and pick up the children from school, help with homework and all that appertains to it, including helping with the housework.
However, we hold that the income-generating capability of the oil terminals appertains to and is inextricably intertwined with the land and is thus transferable to future purchasers of the land (the inextricably intertwined test).
Join the conversation Facebook page The balance of PS2.1m damages appertains to another claim over work on the museum's ceilings which NML also won and the judge said he would give his decision on how much AEW should pay at a later date.
appertains to the " classical tradition" of Slovene CompLit.
"Commonsense is a word most MPs don't seem to comprehend when it appertains to them.
Everything that appertains to young people seems to be good for cutting.
AS many adages give us ordinary housewives some comfort in speculating their truths, I'd like to quote one adage that now appeals to me, and that is, ``variety is the spice of life'', as it appertains to housework.
The hope of all graduating students as they sit in the scorching sun, waiting to be given 'power to read and all that appertains to their degree' is to land that elusive job and start earning income to sustain their livelihood and to give back to their parents or guardians who sacrificed to have them educated.
Branch secretary Mark Walsh said: "We won't have the full document from Friday's meeting but we are hoping to have the information that appertains to Liverpool and we also hope to meet management this morning to ask them to reconsider the hours issue."
Special wishes to those celebrating their first Christmas as university graduates after getting the power to read and do all that appertains to their degrees.