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append (something) (on)to

To add or attach something on to something else. Please append this footnote to your article. Mother, can you append a fur collar onto my winter coat? Because your experiment produced such unexpected results, I think you should append an explanatory note to your lab report.
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append something (on)to something

to attach something to something; to hang something onto something. Please append these tassels onto the hem of your coat. Append this sentence to the last paragraph.
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They logically conclude that if you're not a fan of email appending, you can't be a fan of any other type of third-party email activity either; email rentals, co-registration, etc.
You shouldn't be appending email addresses at the household level."
For instance, if after appending ACORN lifestyle clusters to a customer list, you find that a majority of your customers are "IB" which is "Wealthy Seaboard Suburbs," then you know that these people rank among the highest for auto club memberships and travel extensively.
Here are some examples of the benefits of appending email address to a business's current client list:
In many situations, such data appending and modeling is a profitable solution to the marketing problem.
These buttons are also used for linking to a data source or appending new records to the bottom of a table.
Telephone appending services abound, most using one of two large source files sold throughout the industry (the phone appending business is even more incestuous than other data elements sold for enhancement).