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append (something) (on)to

To add or attach something on to something else. Please append this footnote to your article. Mother, can you append a fur collar onto my winter coat?
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append something (on)to something

to attach something to something; to hang something onto something. Please append these tassels onto the hem of your coat. Append this sentence to the last paragraph.
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As is the case with all email communication, the appended donor should be given the chance to be removed from the nonprofit's email file, in both the initial welcome email and subsequent communications.
To Bishop Godwin's Catalogue of the Bishops (1st edition, 1601), Harington appended his own "Supplie or Addicion" in manuscript.
The--52 modifier should be appended when using the suture technique described.
Pre-Qualification: Kindly submit your offer in single bid manufacturer/authorised dealer should submit your offer along with vendor registration form as appended to tender document
These values will be appended to the Direct Materials Budget table.
Appended to this list you might be able to get the estimated household income, the PRIZM cluster code, the type of dwelling, the incidence of home ownership and a few other factors.
Quick Quote Award: Specification for Weekly Fire Alarm Testing Partnerships2 September 2016NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (GG&C) require a competent contractor to carry out weekly testing of its Partnerships fire alarms systems, which are sited across 56 locations throughout the Greater Glasgow & Clyde geographical area (please see these listed on the appended spreadsheet in the Locations tab).
Run the query to update the values in the 2012-1 field for the lines appended in the first query.
Appended is: (1) A Sample Unified Performance-Based Budget for Preschool to Grade 20.
In order to facilitate comparison, and provide a sense of how commentators served as "purveyors of accepted norms of reading," the volume includes translations of Renaissance commentaries appended to three of Ovid's fables (Apollo and Daphne, Actaeon, Echo and Narcissus), as well as the full text of these fables and a facing page translation taken from George Sandys's Ovid's Metamorphosis Englished (1632).
New phone numbers will be appended to records that previously didn't have phone numbers.
Tenders are invited for Supply of control panel for pneumatic as per hmt specification as appended to technical document
In this example, discontinued product records selected from the Product table will be appended to the Product History table.