append to

append (something) (on)to

To add or attach something on to something else. Please append this footnote to your article. Mother, can you append a fur collar onto my winter coat?
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append something (on)to something

to attach something to something; to hang something onto something. Please append these tassels onto the hem of your coat. Append this sentence to the last paragraph.
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The query now includes the three columns we will append to the Customerz table.
In Design view, go to the Design ribbon and click Append to change the query type.
The customer response to a promotion must be significantly determined by factors that the marketer can append to a prospect list; and
In many cases, the factors that lead people to buy your product do not depend on data that you can buy to append to a prospect file.
The second field should say DetailLine: "Direct Materials" and append to the DetailLine field.
The first field--Subtotal:"Total Cash Available"--should append to Subtotal.
Change the query type to Append, and set it to append to the DM Cash Payments table.
Add Direct Labor Hours three more times--the values are the same for each quarter, so we'll use the four Direct Labor Hours columns to append to each quarter.
(For the Budget Item (with the space) field, make the Append To row blank.) Doing this assigns a new label to this section of data.
"2012-1st" gives a temporary label to the field we're going to append to the 1st quarter column of the table.
Then multiply the values for Budget Quarters 2012-1 to 2013-4 by Units Needed to create the data to append to 2012-1 to 2013-4.
First Quarter Beginning Inventory Query Elements Field Append to Criteria Reporting Year Budget Year 2012 Reporting Quarter Budget Quarter "1" Product Name Budget Item Type: "Beginning Inventory" Budget Type Beginning Inventory Count Value: [Beginning Inventory] * Amount [Selling Price]
The Append To line will now be available in the query, and you can select the field to append to by using the dropdown list that appears on that line.
Use the Append To line to indicate which fields within the Budget table these fields should be added to, as shown in Figure 2.
For example, for a query that appends discontinued product sales information to the table containing the past products, I suggest using a name such as "Append Discontinued Products to Product History Table." If the names of the fields used in your query are the same as the fields in the target table, the Append To line in the query-by-example (QBE) grid will show the field names.