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append (something) (on)to

To add or attach something on to something else. Please append this footnote to your article. Mother, can you append a fur collar onto my winter coat?
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append something (on)to something

to attach something to something; to hang something onto something. Please append these tassels onto the hem of your coat. Append this sentence to the last paragraph.
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It's not uncommon for nonprofits to bring in $5 to $10 in contributions for every $1 spent on email append processing.
Append Variable Selling and Admin Budget Data Query Field: Heading2: "Less Summary: "Variable SAQ1: Sum Selling & Admin Selling and Admin" ([If([DetailLine] Outflows" = "Basic Bike", [Q1]*15,[Q1]*20]) Table: Total: Group By Group By Expression Sort: Append Heading Summary SAQ1 To: Figure 2.
Copy the Append Variable OH to Manufacturing Outflows query and name the copy "Append Fixed OH to Manufacturing Outflows.
Create an Append query called "Append Total Variable Overhead to MOB Table.
To append the cost per direct labor hour to the Direct Labor Budget table, the fourth query will be a bit different than what we have created before.
I then worked my way through the append queries in the order I want them to appear on the report, adding a Sort Order field to each and increasing the number by one each time.
Append Direct Materials to Be Purchased Field: Category Cat: "Direct Production 2012-1 2012-2 Materials to Units be Purchased" Table: Direct Direct Direct Direct Materials Materials Materials Materials Budget Budg Budg Budd Tota: Where Group By Group By Sum Sum Sort: Append Category Production 2012-1 2012-2 To: Units Criteria: "Total Needs" Or "Less:" or:
Remember to run each query to append the data before you start the next section, however, as one query can be dependent on the previous data.
Because the report involves different groups of detailed data, we created a table and began to build a series of append queries to add data to it.
Create an append query with the Direct Materials Budget table as the record source.
Change the query to an append query, and append the fields as shown in Table 1.
We'll start by creating an append query to calculate the Desired Ending Inventory figures.