appear for

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appear for (someone)

To stand in or act as a proxy for another person. I am appearing for my daughter, who was too upset to come to the funeral. Because Professor Jones can't attend the meeting tomorrow, he has asked his teaching assistant to appear for him. Can you appear for me at the board meeting tonight? I feel generally awful and think I have a fever.
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appear for someone

to represent or substitute for a person who is absent. I will appear for you in the council. Who is going to appear for my lawyer, who is ill?
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The court then issued a notice to NAB once again on Gilani's petition seeking permanent exemption from appearing for hearings of the reference and announced that it will hear the case against the PPP leader after wrapping up the references against Nawaz.
He said, due to large number of students appearing for the test, the number of test centers have been increased to provide candidates a comfortable environment at their doorsteps.
Of all the candidates appearing for the test, only 778 were women while the rest, 15,082 candidates, were men.
He explained that due to the large number of students who were appearing for the test, they had to increase the number of testing centres apart from holding in different cities of the province in order to provide candidates with comfortable environment close to their homes.
At the University of Haripur in Abbottabad, of the 1,972 candidates who appeared for the test, 1,904 candidates were seeking admission to the engineering group while the remaining 68 candidates were appearing for admission in the computer science group.
He said, due to large number of students appearing for the test in Peshawar, it was conducted at two places which gave candidates a comfortable environment.