appear to

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appear to

1. To seem like. It appears to me that she isn't interested in this project, as she hasn't attended one meeting. I left early because it appeared to me that you weren't coming. It appears to be genuine, but we'll have to get an expert to examine it.
2. To become visible to someone. I'm telling you, the Virgin Mary appeared to me in a vision last night.
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appear to someone (that...)

Fig. to seem to someone that... It appears to me that you are always late.
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appear to someone

[for something] to make an appearance before someone. My late grandmother appeared to me in a dream.
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References in classic literature ?
The part of the valley in which we found ourselves appeared to be altogether uninhabited.
We looked about us uncertain whither to direct our steps, since the path we had so far followed appeared to be lost in the open space around us.
She appeared to be in ecstasy, and did not pay the least attention to what was going on around her.
Milady knew she might be watched, so she continued her prayers to the end; and it appeared to her that the soldier who was on duty at her door did not march with the same step, and seemed to listen.
But the king, who appeared to wish to be informed, was disposed to give another look at this dismal spot.
Sometimes he spent his day at the chemical laboratory, sometimes in the dissecting-rooms, and occasionally in long walks, which appeared to take him into the lowest portions of the City.
Of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing.
Being informed (with considerable asperity of tone and manner) that this answer failed to account for the interest which appeared to have been inspired in him by a total stranger, Mr.
Karnegie's lawyer, the inference appeared to be, that "Mrs.
Dropping to the ground once more he picked up the trail of the girl and her captors, which he followed easily along what appeared to be a well-beaten trail.
With the exception of a few small rodents there appeared to be no other wild life on the surface of the valley.
From the deck of our schooner, anchored in the middle of the bay, he indicated by a theatrical sweep of his arm along the jagged outline of the hills the whole of his domain; and the ample movement seemed to drive back its limits, augmenting it suddenly into something so immense and vague that for a moment it appeared to be bounded only by the sky.
de Saint-Meran is dead," answered the old marchioness, without preface and without expression; she appeared to be stupefied.
At six leagues from Marseilles, after having eaten some of the lozenges he is accustomed to take, he fell into such a deep sleep, that it appeared to me unnatural; still I hesitated to wake him, although I fancied that his face was flushed, and that the veins of his temples throbbed more violently than usual.
Having conquered the violence of his feelings, he appeared to despise himself for being the slave of passion; and quelling the dark tyranny of despair, he led me again to converse concerning myself personally.