appear before

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appear before

1. To participate in legal proceedings. I'm so nervous to appear before the judge today.
2. To suddenly become visible to one. I had to slam on my brakes when that pedestrian just appeared before me.
3. To arrive early for something. I am locking that door at exactly 10:01, so I suggest you appear before the exam starts.
See also: appear, before

appear before someone

1. to show up in the presence of someone, suddenly. The deer appeared before us with no sound or other warning. A frightful specter appeared before me.
2. to have a trial or hearing with a particular judge or court. You have to appear before Judge Cahill tomorrow. Have you ever appeared before the Supreme Court?
See also: appear, before

appear before something

to arrive in advance of the appointed time or before some event. Please appear at least ten minutes before you are due. It is best to appear shortly before the time of your interview.
See also: appear, before

appear under the name of (some name)

[for an actor] to perform under a special name. She is appearing under the name of Fifi. I appeared under the stage name Rex Righteous.
See also: appear, name, of
References in classic literature ?
Day after day he appeared before us, incomparably faithful to the illusions of the stage, and at sunset the night descended upon him quickly, like a falling curtain.
Appeared before Wolverhampton Magistrates Court on December 23.
Afshan Farooq (PP-Reserved) appeared before the Committee and requested for adjournment for proper pleading the case.
All 10 who appeared before the judge Thursday were ordered to serve.
Earlier in the week, Huber had appeared before the Whitewater grand jury sitting in Little Rock, Ark.
Clinton was received a day after Huber appeared before the Senate Whitewater committee.
DEFENDANTS accused of crimes committed during last week's riots appeared before Birmingham Magistrates yesterday.
Christopher Matthew Nolan, aged 23, of Newbury House, Newtown, who is charged with entering Richer Sounds, Smallbrook Queensway, and stealing a LG Blue Ray DVD player on August 9, also appeared before Magistrates.