appear under the name of

appear before

1. To participate in legal proceedings. I'm so nervous to appear before the judge today.
2. To suddenly become visible to one. I had to slam on my brakes when that pedestrian just appeared before me.
3. To arrive early for something. I am locking that door at exactly 10:01, so I suggest you appear before the exam starts.
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appear under the name (of)

To do something publicly (such as acting or writing) using a name other than one's birth name. A: "I don't see your sister in the playbill." B: "Oh, when she acts, she appears under the name R.A. Smith."
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appear under the name of (some name)

[for an actor] to perform under a special name. She is appearing under the name of Fifi. I appeared under the stage name Rex Righteous.
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To overcome this failure, the local associations of Korba and Tazarka, in agreement with the Korba delegation, will now manage the "blue flag" spaces that will appear under the name of "space for the public".
Sionyn has qualified for the Horse of the Year Show where he will appear under the name of new owner Lisa Simms, of Flecknoe, Rugby.