appear to

appear to

1. To seem like. It appears to me that she isn't interested in this project, as she hasn't attended one meeting. I left early because it appeared to me that you weren't coming. It appears to be genuine, but we'll have to get an expert to examine it.
2. To become visible to someone. I'm telling you, the Virgin Mary appeared to me in a vision last night.
See also: appear

appear to someone (that...)

Fig. to seem to someone that... It appears to me that you are always late.
See also: appear

appear to someone

[for something] to make an appearance before someone. My late grandmother appeared to me in a dream.
See also: appear
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Two years of continuous intentional efforts to embed inquiry and dialogue into their routines of daily engagement appear to stimulate an ability to balance the need for flow of daily routine with the intentional punctuating acts of observation, collection, meaning making, and sharing.
From where I sit, about 25% of today's buyers appear to be foreign with money from global sources.
As noted above, the CBA rules also appear to disallow deletions, but the rules appear to conflict.
These contributions also appear to (1) be taxable fringe benefits subject to Sec.
There doesn't appear to be a united front between the actors and writers as there was previously,'' observed attorney Arnold Peter, chairman of the Los Angeles-based entertainment practice Lord, Bissell and Brook.
Various stripes of regulators, as this article will show, appear to have an inherent dislike of "marketing.
A French research team has identified two mutated genes that appear to cause the neurological disorder known as autism.
Although the libraries of the priests provide an imperfect record of what they read, a number of priests appear to have developed a lifelong interest in humanist and secular works, and some continued the humanist tradition by taking up positions as schoolmasters in the towns and villages of the diocese.
In designating replacement property, there appear to be three guidelines CPAs can advise taxpayers to follow:
Corporate managers more generally, rightly or wrongly, appear to remain remarkably sanguine about the potential for innovations to continue to enhance productivity and profits.
Note that this would appear to be more "bibliographic description" but is actually treated separately and includes not only such things as title and URL (of the document versus the site, as in the previous criterion), but also the apparent audience, mission, or scope of document, description of the document and, interestingly, "Is the user informed of improper or controversial materials (e.
But a relatively closer asteroid would appear to move backward.
Perhaps for pedagogical reasons, several artists are included who appear to be involved in the perpetuation or foreclosure of a long history rather than in the opening of a new chapter.
Yet those in prepaid group practices appear to want substantial involvement in the administrative aspects of the plans.