appear before

appear before (someone or something)

1. To participate in legal proceedings. I'm so nervous to appear before the judge today. Have you ever had to appear before a jury? Every lawyer is nervous when they have to appear before a judge for the first time, but I know you'll do a great job.
2. To suddenly become visible to someone. I had to slam on my brakes when that pedestrian just appeared before me. Did you see where this cat came from? He just appeared before me on the sidewalk! It was when a sparkly genie suddenly appeared before me that I knew I was dreaming.
3. To arrive early for something. I am locking that door at exactly 10:01, so I suggest you appear before the exam starts. I'm stuck in traffic, so I won't appear before dinner, I'm afraid. Please appear before the curtain goes up, OK? I would hate for you to miss the beginning of the play.
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appear before someone

1. to show up in the presence of someone, suddenly. The deer appeared before us with no sound or other warning. A frightful specter appeared before me.
2. to have a trial or hearing with a particular judge or court. You have to appear before Judge Cahill tomorrow. Have you ever appeared before the Supreme Court?
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appear before something

to arrive in advance of the appointed time or before some event. Please appear at least ten minutes before you are due. It is best to appear shortly before the time of your interview.
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References in classic literature ?
Philippe gave orders that for his petit lever the grandes entrees , already prepared to appear before the king, should be introduced.
ISLAMABAD -- Hours after an announcement on Saturday that former president retired Gen Pervez Musharraf will appear before a special court on May 2, it was learnt that he might not return to Pakistan because of his medical board's recommendation and family pressure not to do so.
Abbasi in written letter to NAB has said that he is outside the country therefore he cannot appear before NAB on Thursday.
Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri now risks being censured after he failed for the fourth time to appear before a Parliamentary committee.
Speaking to the media outside the court, Gilani said, 'I have appeared before the NAB court several times before and more premiers will appear before it now.'
Chinese Company's counsel stated that the chairman needs some time to appear before the commission as according to him, chairman is occupied with some matters which are not known to the counsel.
Besides Hamza, Chief Minister Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif has also been asked to appear before the NAB on June 4, in the same case.
'if SC has summoned him he will appear before it at every cost.
The force is naming all those charged during the four-week festive period, and who are set to appear before the courts.
ISLAMABAD -- Attorney General (AG) Irfan Qadir has said avoidance on part of registrar Supreme Court (SC) to appear before Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is incomprehensible.
Due to appear before magistrates on Feb 24 charged with being drunk and disorderly.
"What's exciting about this work is that these particles appear before cholesterol accumulates as deposits in cells of the artery wall," Kruth says.
EC had directed NA-53 candidates including Imran Khan, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and former PTI MNA, Ayesha Gulalai to appear before it in person on Monday.
LAHORE -- The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), once again, summoned Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Shahbaz Sharif to its office on June 25, after he failed to appear before NAB on Monday to answer questions about the Punjab Saaf Pani Company scam.
A source in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Tuesday told The Nation that Khawaja Saad had been asked to appear on Wednesday (today) while his brother Salman Rafique will have to appear before NAB tomorrow (Thursday).