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curb appeal

The external attractiveness of a building or property, such as can be viewed from the street (i.e., the curb). We were suckered into buying the house because of its incredible curb appeal, but once we moved in, we realized just how run-down it was inside.
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street appeal

The external attractiveness of a building or property, such as can be viewed from the street. We were suckered into buying the house because of its incredible street appeal, but once we moved in, we realized just how run-down it was inside.
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appeal against

To attempt to change a legal decision. Don't worry, we will appeal against the judge's sentence.
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appeal to

1. To ask for something, usually in an urgent or pleading manner Appeal to your congressmen if you really want lower taxes.
2. To spark one's interest or appreciation. Tall, dark-haired guys always appeal to me. That style of architecture just doesn't appeal to me.
3. To resonate with one's specific interests or feelings. The beauty of her prose appeals to my poetic sensibilities. The idea of stronger laws for criminals appeals to me as a mother.
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appeal against something

to ask a court of appeals to change a ruling made by a lower court. My lawyer appealed against the judgment. We will file an appeal against the court ruling.
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appeal (to a court) (for something)

to plead to a court of appeals for a favorable ruling. She appealed to the court fora retrial. She appealed for an injunction to the circuit court. She appealed for a retrial.

appeal to someone

to please or attract someone. Fast food doesn't appeal to me. The idea of a vacation to Florida this winter appeals to me a lot.
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appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober

ask someone to reconsider, with the suggestion that an earlier opinion or decision represented only a passing mood.
This phrase comes from an anecdote told by the Roman historian and moralist Valerius Maximus concerning an unjust judgement given by King Philip of Macedon : the woman condemned by Philip declared that she would appeal to him once again, but this time when he was sober.
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appeal to Caesar

appeal to the highest possible authority.
The allusion is to the claim made by the apostle Paul to have his case heard in Rome, which was his right as a Roman citizen: ‘I appeal unto Caesar’ (Acts 25:11).
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appeal to

1. To make an earnest or urgent request to someone or something: The citizens appealed to their mayor to try to find a solution to the housing crisis.
2. To be interesting or attractive to someone: This new style of clothing doesn't appeal to me; I prefer the older fashion.
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on appeal

In the process of being appealed; while being appealed.
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References in classic literature ?
If the result, so far, fails to satisfy us in that particular, we shall not hesitate to appeal to a Court of Law.
He asked leave to appeal to Geoffrey to confirm him.
The marriage which they deny I am now waiting to prove--not by assertion, on my side, but by appeal to competent witnesses.
Ought we to appeal to the practical test of her handwriting?
Let me suppose the case that I myself may at a certain time--ha--or times, have made a--hum--an appeal, and a properly-worded appeal, and a delicate appeal, and an urgent appeal to some individual for a small temporary accommodation.
Until recently, there was no way to appeal a bankruptcy case directly from a bankruptcy court to a court of appeals.
While the appeals process has been used primarily by beneficiaries, it is equally accessible for use by physicians, providers, and suppliers who are not contracted with the M+CO (collectively referred to as "Non-Plan Providers").
The IRS is conducting a two-year pilot program under which a taxpayer and the IRS Office of Appeals can jointly request binding arbitration in certain cases.
Even after three appeals, right up to the HMO president, the answer was still no.
The Court reasoned that Federal appellate courts have jurisdiction to hear such appeals, but only when the appeal is based on the legal issue of whether the officer allegedly violated a "clearly established" law.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- In a unanimous decision, the California Court of Appeals in the Fourth District struck down Orange County Assessor Brad Jacobs' new method of taxing cable television property.
Premera will ask the Washington Supreme Court to accept review of a April 4 decision by Division II of the Court of Appeals on Premera's application to raise capital as a public company.
6320 and 6330; appeals team managers must approve those determinations.
We got this completely bizarre arbitration ruling and the appeals court supported us in a vote 5-0," Malkin said.
Everson, expressing concern about Announcement 2005-80 on the independence of the Appeals function.