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appeal against

To attempt to change a legal decision. Don't worry, we will appeal against the judge's sentence.
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appeal to

1. To ask for something, usually in an urgent or pleading manner Appeal to your congressmen if you really want lower taxes.
2. To spark one's interest or appreciation. Tall, dark-haired guys always appeal to me. That style of architecture just doesn't appeal to me.
3. To resonate with one's specific interests or feelings. The beauty of her prose appeals to my poetic sensibilities. The idea of stronger laws for criminals appeals to me as a mother.
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appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober

To urge one to rethink something. The phrase refers to King Philip II of Macedon, who made an unwelcome decision and was challenged with an appeal to "Philip sober." If you're unhappy with his decision, then why don't you appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober?
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appeal to Caesar

To direct a plea to the most powerful person in a particular setting or situation. No one else has the authority to overturn this decision—you'll have to appeal to Caesar on this one.
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appeal against something

to ask a court of appeals to change a ruling made by a lower court. My lawyer appealed against the judgment. We will file an appeal against the court ruling.
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appeal to someone

to please or attract someone. Fast food doesn't appeal to me. The idea of a vacation to Florida this winter appeals to me a lot.
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appeal from Philip drunk to Philip sober

ask someone to reconsider, with the suggestion that an earlier opinion or decision represented only a passing mood.
This phrase comes from an anecdote told by the Roman historian and moralist Valerius Maximus concerning an unjust judgement given by King Philip of Macedon : the woman condemned by Philip declared that she would appeal to him once again, but this time when he was sober.
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appeal to Caesar

appeal to the highest possible authority.
The allusion is to the claim made by the apostle Paul to have his case heard in Rome, which was his right as a Roman citizen: ‘I appeal unto Caesar’ (Acts 25:11).
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appeal to

1. To make an earnest or urgent request to someone or something: The citizens appealed to their mayor to try to find a solution to the housing crisis.
2. To be interesting or attractive to someone: This new style of clothing doesn't appeal to me; I prefer the older fashion.
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Bold silver-embossed titles, dramatic airbrushed pictures of fantastic monsters--the covers of this series scream out appealingly to young boys.
Allan Clayton was an appealingly vulnerable Cassio, Eufemia Tufano a gutsy if gusty Emilia and other parts were admirably filled.
While the show traditionally has a great number of builders, remodelers, cabinet, HVAC, windows and doors, and other "hard product" or "nuts and bolts" exhibitors; there hasn't been as much attention given to the "softer" side of things or the products and services that take a wood, stone, and mortar structure and make it appealingly warm and "homey.
But this is no parochial exercise in misplaced local pride: it is a carefully researched, appealingly written, beautifully designed and illustrated short book that brings a new perspective to a very oft-told story.
The ultra-narrow display frame creates an appealingly clean and minimalist look and makes the models a real eye-catcher on any workstation.
Dennis Alexander's three volumes, Especially in Romantic Style, published by Alfred, provide opportunities for the intermediate pianist to explore a wide range of appealingly songful, harmonically rich, evocative and descriptive pieces.
It has an appealingly unconventional shape, with rooms extending out into bays and extra living space.
The truth is that clothes from the past are more appealingly familiar to customers than newly-coined novelties and, with the economy as it is, it's not surprising Ghesquiere has retreated to something safer.
Of course, we know she's related to the Queen and she's so slim a paper bag would drape appealingly on her.
On the one hand, Black was an appealingly principled figure.
4) This allows Christian faith to attract intellectuals and to work with secular activists; and believe me, Christianity without its intellectuals is not going to be any appealingly populist affair.
This is an appealingly creepy tale that features details of life in the Middle Ages along with a feisty heroine and a message about the dangers of greediness.
Our nation is being treated like the frog who was placed in appealingly low-temperature water before the heat got turned up and he was cooked.
When Massive Attack arrives at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday in one of the most anticipated shows of the year, the ensemble led by del Naja and Grant Marshall (``Daddy G'') will couch its rhetoric in some of the most appealingly atmospheric pop music around.