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apothecary's Latin

obsolete Latin that has been badly mangled or jumbled, either unintentionally through bad translation or intentionally for the sake of humor. Also known as Law Latin, Dog Latin, or Bog Latin. He only spent a year learning Latin, so now he just mutters apothecary's Latin to sound more learned than he is.

talk like an apothecary

obsolete To chatter on in a foolishly pedantic manner. The playwright wants to assume his work speaks to the most educated of society, but in truth, each character talks like an apothecary, and their dialogue so fumbling and convoluted as to be laughable.
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This lawsuit is about an unacceptable option in carrying out the death penalty and this is why we're seeking to stop The Apothecary Shoppe from providing this unlawful drug.
Eaton Apothecary has 16 locations, including traditional retail pharmacies and those focused on home delivery and specialized care.
As with Revue and Apothecary, the music is grounded by multiple sonic contexualizations by a primary instrument, and Rux ably dances with Brechtian acoustic piano arrangements through classically tinged pop ("Behind the Curtain" and a lamenting rework of McKay's "Thadius Star"), stride blues sermonizing ("Living Room"), and moody, syrup-slow country soul (a heart-rending performance of the Bill Withers antiwar soldier's story "I Can't Write Left-Handed").
5) He is first mentioned in the Calendar of State Papers Domestic for 20 July 1604: 'Grant to John Wolfgang Rumler of the office of Apothecary to The Queen, the Prince, and the rest of the Royal children, for life'.
The apothecary also sells poisons, which are planted in a walled garden.
The author also includes a glossary of literary definitions for health, a timeline of literary dates and events related to the evolution of health care, and a brief history of the healing arts including the early history of herbalism, apothecary, and pharmacy and their influences on the health systems of New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.
It's also unearthed some New York history, such as the discovery of an intact apothecary bottle with an 1855 label resting on a shelf behind a long-sealed fireplace.
Alpha Packaging has introduced seven sizes of stock polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packers in an apothecary style for pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement manufacturers.
Space NK Apothecary is a mecca for men and women and Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, David Beckham and Robbie Williams are all regulars.
The address of Nora Apothecary (pharmacy) is 1101 E.
Specifically, these 10 test items covered one area of the nursing competency test: units of weight measurement in the apothecary (grains, drams, ounces) and metric (grams, milligrams) systems and conversions between systems using proportions.
THERE WAS LOTS OF TALK in the early '60s about getting "discovered," Lana Turner's apothecary apotheosis standing in for the "overnight" success stories of a Jackson Pollock or Jasper Johns, figures whose artistic achievements, charisma, and fortuitous timing were all boiled down to mythic studio visits by the likes of Peggy Guggenheim and Leo Castelli.
Dot Stila all over shimmer on eyes, cheeks and lips, priced pounds 26 from Space NK apothecary, Glasgow, or by mail order from: Space NK Ltd, PO Box 18025, London, EC2A 3RJ.
Yes, we have the Viagra was hastily scrawled on a lid ripped from a pizza box and tacked up in the prescription department of my local Upper West Side apothecary in Manhattan.
With these sorts of move it seems likely that the apothecary will make a re-emergence soon as a major part of health care.