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apothecary's Latin

obsolete Latin that has been badly mangled or jumbled, either unintentionally through bad translation or intentionally for the sake of humor. Also known as Law Latin, Dog Latin, or Bog Latin. He only spent a year learning Latin, so now he just mutters apothecary's Latin to sound more learned than he is.

talk like an apothecary

obsolete To chatter on in a foolishly pedantic manner. The playwright wants to assume his work speaks to the most educated of society, but in truth, each character talks like an apothecary, and their dialogue so fumbling and convoluted as to be laughable.
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Apothecaries (including those with royal appointment) kept shops in London, primarily in the Bucklersbury district.
The apothecaries carefully maintained the official procedures, as they do today.
Apothecaries dispensed the freshly made mummies in several forms, including ground, powdered, and diced preparations.
As part of its diversification of interest,Middleton has a garden based on the herbal remedies of the famous Meddygon Myddfai, the Carmarthenshire family of physicians or apothecaries, whose descendents are still with us.
She emphasizes the number and variety of health care providers in the early modem era including itinerant and village healers, surgeons, apothecaries, midwives and, of course, physicians.
Jones offers an even more sympathetic account of the sisters of charity, women from modest backgrounds who devoted themselves to lives of service to the needy; they not only transformed (and feminized) nursing services in the hospitals, but acted as "independent medical practitioners in their own right", bleeding and bandaging patients and running hospital dispensaries, which largely displaced local apothecaries as providers of remedies for the poor.