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apothecary's Latin

obsolete Latin that has been badly mangled or jumbled, either unintentionally through bad translation or intentionally for the sake of humor. Also known as Law Latin, Dog Latin, or Bog Latin. He only spent a year learning Latin, so now he just mutters apothecary's Latin to sound more learned than he is.

talk like an apothecary

obsolete To chatter on in a foolishly pedantic manner. The playwright wants to assume his work speaks to the most educated of society, but in truth, each character talks like an apothecary, and their dialogue so fumbling and convoluted as to be laughable.
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For general sources on royal apothecaries and some background on Rumler, see Leslie Matthews The Royal Apothecaries, London, The Wellcome Historical Medical Library, 1967, and Cecil Wall, A History of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London, London, 1963.
Wall suggests that a provision in the Apothecaries' charter saying that 'apothecaries holding Royal appointments should be ex officio Freemen' was inserted on behalf of the many foreign-born apothecaries, including Rumler, 13n.
Wolfgang Rumler, His Majesty's Apothecary, shall have a Warrant, to send to Oxford such Parcels of Apothecaries Stuff as are for His Majesty's own Service; and that they may be searched here before they go; and Mr.
There can be no effort without health; there can be no health without temperance in a man's nature,''counselled the Lady through her apothecaries.
1 billion, Apothecaries has access to a vast resource pool of study volunteers of a wide age range and ailments from various sections of the community; more than 150 medical college hospitals; and a large number of highly trained and English speaking medical, paramedical and data-management professionals.
Jones rehearses the well-known conflicts between doctors and nurses at the end of the eighteenth century; for the less familiar earlier period, he describes both a growing medical presence and the declining active role of physicians, surgeons, and apothecaries in the provision of medical services in the hospital, where the sisters increasingly supplanted them.
He served as president for the American College of Apothecaries in 1991 and American Pharmacists Association from 1994 - 1996.
He has owned and operated pharmacies and apothecaries for the past 15 years.
He is a past president and trustee of CPhA and serves on the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) executive committee and American College Apothecaries board of directors.
CVS ProCare currently operates a centralized mail service pharmacy and 30 ProCare apothecaries in urban areas across the nation, and expects to operate approximately 45 apothecaries by year-end.
CVS ProCare currently operates one centralized mail service pharmacy and 29 ProCare apothecaries in urban areas across the nation, and expects to operate approximately 50 apothecaries by year-end.
This is the same auction house that has supplied restaurants, pubs and mansions with historic interiors rescued from bars, apothecaries, Victorian residences and other turn-of-the-century structures.
In Hawaii, IPC operates three long-term care pharmacies, three clinic pharmacies, one state psychiatric hospital pharmacy and two professional apothecaries.