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manoeuvre the apostles

obsolete To borrow or take money from one person or source to repay the debt of another (i.e., rob Peter to pay Paul). Primarily heard in UK. Mr. Hardy's firm has fallen into arrears of late, and the solicitor has been manoeuvring the apostles just to keep the business viable.
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manoeuvring the apostles

obsolete The act of borrowing or taking money from one person or source to fund or repay the debt of another. A variant of "robbing Peter to pay Paul," which means the same. Primarily heard in UK. Mr. Hardy's law firm has fallen into arrears of late, and he's taken to manoeuvring the apostles just to keep the business afloat. Never pay a debt by taking on more debt—that's just manoeuvring the apostles, and it never works for long.
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"Modern Day Apostles" is an important book for a new generation of Apostles.
Halleluyah," Apostle Elkana said at around 8pm and asked for the music to be stopped.
Paphiti added that the Cyprus Post in 1967 released a stamp dedicated to the mosaic of Apostle Andrew, who stood out from the rest of the Apostles, due to his unique features, namely, his long beard, dishevelled hair and blue eyes.
To Paul, apostles epitomize a ministry in motion, one highly fruitful and often full of suffering.
Luke's new criteria stipulate that apostles must be male, part of Jesus' original discipleship, and eyewitnesses to the Resurrection.
Stevens told film website Flickering Myth last month: "There is a bit of action, it's not The Raid 3 which people kept asking me, but it's, I hope, a pretty special work, it was a really unique experience, a tough shoot." | Apostle streams on Netflix from October 12, just in time for Halloween.
"TAV Macedonia" as part of "TAV Airports" finished the first eight months of 2016 with 19% increase in passenger traffic at both Macedonian airports "Alexander the Great" in Skopje and "St Paul the Apostle" in Ohrid, reaching 1,211,588 passengers.
This is what is lacking in Africa, and as a result people like Apostle Safo, who are blessed with exceptional creative talents, cannot harness their talents to the advantage of their nations.
The first time I saw The Apostle was soon after its release in October 1997.
While he will have to post a career best to WIN off that perch, Apostle is iN FINE heart aNd rates aN INTERESTING CONTENDER as he tries the FibresaNd for the first time.
Philip the Apostle, one of the original 12 disciples of Christianity's central figure Jesus Christ, has been discovered during the ongoing excavations in Turkey's south-western province of Denizli.
Andrew the Apostle Church, 5 Spaulding St., Worcester.
Peter dating to the middle of the fourth century, but this is the first time that the apostle is not shown in a group but in an full face icon," Bisconti told reporters.
sssSOUTH AFRICA Last season's Prix Maurice de Gheest winner King's Apostle will go to stud later this year in South Africa.