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be an apology for

To be a poor example of a certain thing. That skinny kid is an apology for a linebacker. I gave you a low grade because the drivel you submitted was an apology for a real paper!
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make no apologies for (something)

To be firm in one's conviction that one's beliefs or actions are correct or acceptable. I'm always open to suggestions and criticisms, but I'll make no apologies for the way I've run this business over the past five years.
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an apology for

a very poor example of.
1998 Imogen de la Bere The Last Deception of Palliser Wentwood It's an apology for a bridge, built of left-over stones.
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with apologies to

used before the name of an author or artist to indicate that something is a parody or adaptation of their work.
2001 This Old House With apologies to Robert Frost, boundary expert Walter Robillard says, ‘Good fences on the proper line make good neighbours’.
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an apology for something

a very poor example of something: I’m sorry this is a bit of an apology for lunch — we’ll have a proper meal tonight.
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make no aˈpology/aˈpologies for something

if you say that you make no apology/apologies for something, you mean that you do not feel that you have said or done something wrong: Having grown up in the north of the country, I make no apologies for saying that people there are more friendly than people in the south.
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The parallelisms which occur in the so-called Apology of Xenophon are not worth noticing, because the writing in which they are contained is manifestly spurious.
The Apology or Platonic defence of Socrates is divided into three parts:
The first part commences with an apology for his colloquial style; he is, as he has always been, the enemy of rhetoric, and knows of no rhetoric but truth; he will not falsify his character by making a speech.
But leaving this question, which does not admit of a precise solution, we may go on to ask what was the impression which Plato in the Apology intended to give of the character and conduct of his master in the last great scene?
The arguments of those who maintain that the Apology was composed during the process, resting on no evidence, do not require a serious refutation.
A answered for the absent lady by a neat little apology, expressed in these words:
The husband's face plainly expressed the suspicion which this second apology had roused in his mind.
It is a poor thought that at my time of life I should be advising you to choose the safe and shameful; and I take it back with an apology.
With his characteristic decision, without explanation or apology, he simply ceased working at painting.
If I might offer any apology for so exaggerated a fiction as the Barnacles and the Circumlocution Office, I would seek it in the common experience of an Englishman, without presuming to mention the unimportant fact of my having done that violence to good manners, in the days of a Russian war, and of a Court of Inquiry at Chelsea.
He commissioned me to say, that should this be pleaded as an excuse for your behaviour, he will consent to accept a written apology, to be penned by you, from my dictation.
We have nothing further to say, Sir, I think,' he coldly remarked, as he opened the case; 'an apology has been resolutely declined.
Apology laws are just one component of a broader regulatory and institutional effort to pierce the traditional veil of silence about medical errors.
Fulfilling a campaign promise, Rudd delivered what his predecessor, John Howard, had refused: a bipartisan, unequivocal apology.
I was ten when I started developing my first pro forma apology.