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go apeshit

1. rude slang To be or become wildly or uncontrollably angry. My parents went totally apeshit when they found out I'd wrecked the car! Now, don't go apeshit or anything, but I've decided to move to Canada.
2. rude slang To be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic (about something). I've never understood that pop star's popularity, but kids just go apeshit over her music.
See also: apeshit


1. mod. excited; freaked out. (see also go apeshit over someone/something. Usually objectionable.) He was so apeshit about that dame!
2. mod. drunk. (Acting as strangely or comically as an ape.) The guy was really apeshit. Couldn’t even stand up.

go apeshit over someone/something

in. to get very excited about someone or something. (Usually objectionable.) She really went apeshit over the ice cream.
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Now I'm thinking, Why all of a sudden are they going apeshit over this chick?
The guys from the North just went fucking apeshit, fucking went after it.
They could go apeshit when they see all that good shit.
It's been a lot more laid-back and relaxed, but you've been going apeshit out there.
Thankfully the entire area in front of the stage was all ages, as there were kids going apeshit gaga the entire time JFA played--slam dancing, skanking, and stage diving, just like the good old days (with the same percentage of total retards who do stupid stuff like punch in the pit and stage dive knees-first).
Cruz is a big part of what makes the band, from the moment he gets on stage, takes off his Jaks colors, and starts going apeshit haywire.