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ape leader

obsolete A pejorative term for an older single woman; a spinster or old maid. From an old proverb that women who die unmarried are fated to lead apes—considered at the time to be unproductive animals—in hell. At the risk of being labeled an ape leader by ignorant people, I have chosen a life without marriage, and I am perfectly happy to do so.
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ape (someone's) behavior

To mimic the behavior of someone, generally in a mocking or derisive manner. It is pretty standard now for comedians to ape the president's behavior and manner of speech.
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go ape

1. slang To become wildly or uncontrollably angry. My parents went totally ape when they found out I'd wrecked the car! Now, don't go ape or anything, but I've decided to move to Canada.
2. slang To become extremely excited or enthusiastic (about something). I've never understood that pop star's popularity, but kids just go ape over her music.
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go ape (over someone or something)

Sl. to become very excited over something. I just go ape over chocolate. Sam went ape over Mary.
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go ape

Become wildly excited or enthusiastic. For example, The audience went ape over the band. This idiom is a modern version of the older go berserk. It fancifully equates frenzy with an ape's behavior. [Second half of 1900s] Also see go bananas.
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go ape

If someone goes ape, they start to behave in an uncontrolled way, usually because they are very excited or very angry. The crowd went ape. Is he never tempted to break away, to go ape for a period? Note: You can also say that someone goes ape crazy. You don't get the chance to go ape crazy. Note: You can also say that someone goes apeshit. If we mentioned her ex-husband, she would literally go apeshit. Note: People who behave in a violent or uncontrolled way are being compared with apes.
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go ape

go wild; become violently excited. informal
Originally mid 20th-century North American slang, this expression possibly refers to the 1933 movie King Kong, which stars a giant ape-like monster.
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go ˈape

(also go ˈapeshit taboo) (slang, especially American English) become extremely angry or excited: The manager went ape when the team lost yet another game.
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n. a hoodlum or strong-arm man, especially if big and strong. (Underworld.) Tell your ape to let me go!

ape hangers

n. long steering handles on a bicycle or motorcycle. Who is that guy riding the bike with ape hangers?
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’ve never seen my brother so totally aped before.
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go ape (over someone/something)

in. to become very excited over someone or something. I just go ape over chocolate.
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go ape

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go ape

To become wildly excited or angry: went ape at the party; went ape when she saw the parking ticket.
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