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in any way, shape, or form

In any way, style, or manner at all. I've been doing this job for 30 years, so I know I'm the most qualified candidate in any way, shape, or form! I will not tolerate rudeness in any way, shape, or form.
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not in any way, shape, or form

Not in any manner or capacity whatsoever; under no circumstances. I don't want him participating in this event, you hear me? Not in any way, shape, or form! This sort of behavior is not acceptable in any way, shape, or form.
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the grapes are sour anyway

Criticism or disparagement of that which one cannot have or achieve. The phrase originated in one of Aesop's fables, in which a fox that cannot reach some grapes deems them sour and therefore undesirable, rather than admitting that he has failed. He always mocks sports cars as being really impractical, but I think he's just sick with envy. The grapes are sour anyway, if you catch my drift. The senator's remarks about the bill turned vitriolic after her rider was rejected. She seems to be saying that the grapes are sour anyway.
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in any way, shape, or form

Fig. in any manner. I refuse to tell a lie in any way, shape, or form!
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Ahmed Fahmy, Managing Director at Global Productions, added: "Since living in London almost 20 years ago, Whose Line Is it Anyway? has been my to-go TV show for pure, unadulterated humour, so it brings me great pleasure to bring one of the best British TV comedies to the Arabic-speaking world.
Jai Forester Should have a night sevice anyway, like London has.
Because anyway if ordered, you'll report to your place, And if the
It is not something we can turn over in a couple of days anyway."
The presenter and chat show host is bringing his wit and intelligence to Edinburgh with a new stage show, which has many similarities to the comedy improvisational programme that launched him as a TV personality, Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Muscat: Alive Entertainment announced yesterday that award-winning improvisational comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway? will be returning to Muscat to perform live on June 12 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Muscat.
was wrong Wrong about anyway it was anyway and you've had it wrong
Allowing for all the definitions given in the dictionaries, we hold that the particle anyway conditions the existence of contrast in the text.
Well I guess that all sums it up anyway, a n d w e l l done for all the publicity your 'u p s e t ' c a u s e d t o o , KK.
Ganchen Kiong, a 22-year-old student living in Middlesbrough: "I think it will affect students, especially foreign students, because drinks here are expensive anyway."
My jeans are hard enough to keep up anyway so I'm not going to stress them more with the weight of a full-size 1911 pressing down back there.
I mean when does your baby's faltering steps actually become walking anyway? I decided around 10 months when he managed four or five together without collapsing.
I can't really understand why because the man was a bully and was never around anyway.
If you are about to hit a shot on the golf course particularly under pressure you will sometimes find the voice in your head telling you either 'this doesn't feel right' or it will say negative thoughts like 'don't go in the water' but what happens, you hit it anyway because to stop and readdress the ball would be breaking the pattern of a lifetime.