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any time

A response used after someone has been thanked for something. A: "Thanks so much for the help!" B: "Sure, any time!"
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any time means no time

If you don't commit to do something at a specific time, you won't do it at all. A: "Susie said to visit her any time." B: "Any time means no time—you two have to pick a date, or else you won't get together." Quit procrastinating—any time means no time!
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any time now

1. Very soon. Mom's flight should be getting in any time now. Let's head down to the airport.
2. Hurry up. Usually used sarcastically or passive-aggressively. A: "I'm coming, I'm coming." B: "Yeah, any time now would be nice." Any time now! I don't have all day!
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anytime soon

In the near future. Often used in negative constructions to convey that it will take a long time for something to happen. Will this train be leaving anytime soon? We've been sitting on the tracks for 20 minutes now.
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anytime you're ready

A phrase that encourages the listener to take or start a course of action. A: "Can I start the meeting now?" B: "Sure, anytime you're ready."
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come back anytime

A phrase about or directed at one who is always welcome as a visitor or guest. Your sister is a total sweetheart—she can come back anytime. Oh, come back anytime! We're just so glad that you live in the neighborhood now.
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Anytime you are ready,

 and Anytime you're ready.
a phrase indicating that the speaker is waiting for the person spoken to to make the appropriate move or action. Mary: I think it's about time to go. Bill: Anytime you're ready. Surgeon: Shall we begin the operation?Nurse: Anytime you're ready, Doctor.
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Come back anytime.

Please come and visit us again. You're always welcome. (Often said by a host or hostess to departing guests.) Mary: So glad you could come. Bill: Thank you. I had a wonderful time. Mary: Come back anytime. Bob: Thanks for the coffee and cake. Bye. Mary: We're glad to have you. Please come back anytime.
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ˌanytime ˈsoon

(especially American English) used in negative sentences and questions to refer to the near future: Do you think she’ll be back anytime soon?
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ˈany time

(spoken) used after somebody has thanked you for helping them, etc: ‘Thanks for the lift.’ ‘Any time.’
See also: any, time
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interj. You are welcome.; Happy to oblige. (Sometimes said in response to Thank you.) MARY: Thanks for the ride. PAUL: Anytime. Think nothing of it.
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any time

Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude.
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