anything else?

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(will there be) anything else?

Do you want anything else? The full phrase is typically used in the food service industry, while the shortened form is often said with a note of annoyance after one has been given a series of tasks or demands. OK, two hamburgers and two orders of fries. Will there be anything else? Yeah, you want to me to clean the windows, hang the curtains, and vacuum every room. Anything else, mom?
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(Will there be) anything else?

 and Is that everything?; Is there anything else?; Will that be all?
Is there anything else you want?; Is there any other matter you wish to discuss?; Is there any other request? (These phrases are used by shopkeepers, clerks, and food service personnel to find out if the customer wants anything more.) Clerk: Here's the roast you ordered. Will there be anything else? Rachel: No, that's all. Waiter: Anything else? Bill: Just coffee. The clerk rang up the last item and asked, "Will that be all?" Waiter: Anything else? Jane: No, that's everything.
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