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I'll tell you what we'll do," said Beth, "let's each get her something for Christmas, land not get anything for ourselves.
O, George, don't do anything wicked; if you only trust in God, and try to do right, he'll deliver you.
You don't seem to know anything, somehow -- perfect saphead.
It happened because he didn't know anything about it.
By George, THEY don't chaw--they hain't got anything to chaw WITH.
It is because I know everything about his life, not because he knows anything about mine.
The girls, who were not used to hearing rhetoric of this sort, had nothing to say in reply; they only asked him if he wanted anything to eat.
It soothed, but it could not console her for the contempt which had thus been self-attracted by the rest of her family; and as she considered that Jane's disappointment had in fact been the work of her nearest relations, and reflected how materially the credit of both must be hurt by such impropriety of conduct, she felt depressed beyond anything she had ever known before.
I don't believe there's anything you can't prevail on people to do with kindness.
Neither Hamlet, nor Macbeth, nor Othello, nor Douglas, nor The Gamester, presented anything that could satisfy even the tragedians; and The Rivals, The School for Scandal, Wheel of Fortune, Heir at Law, and a long et cetera, were successively dismissed with yet warmer objections.
I don't know anything about that, I don't know who is and who is not.
As it was, he did nothing with much zeal, but sport; and his time was otherwise trifled away, without benefit from books or anything else.
I feel that I can open my heart to you about anything.
I never heard the name in my life, I'll wager anything it is not in the calendar
So she took it into an attic and put it away with all sorts of rubbish, for my wife can never throw anything away.