anyone's guess

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anybody's/anyone's guess

Uncertain or unknown. Why dogs and cats hate each other is anybody's guess. No one has been able to determine why my daughter has been having nightmares—apparently, it's anybody's guess.
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anyone's guess

Something that no one knows for sure, as in Will it rain next Sunday? That's anyone's guess. [Mid-1900s] Also see your guess is as good as mine.
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anyone's guess

a totally unpredictable matter. informal
1999 Jason Elliot An Unexpected Light The most likely scenario was a government alliance with the forces of the north, although it was anyone's guess how long such a Faustian pact might last.
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ˈanybody’s/ˈanyone’s guess

(informal) nobody knows: Who will win the next game is anybody’s guess.
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How much today's students will get the star worship of long-gone idols such as Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway is anyone's guess. Perhaps the time period in which it's set, at the start of the '60s, allows moral issues to be set in sharper relief, as authors are freed of the need to include contemporary drugs, cynicism and the omnipresent vulgarity in language and culture.
In North America, Canada has already legalized gay marriages, but it's anyone's guess who will come in second.
Where all of this bizarre bricolage leaves us is anyone's guess.
It's anyone's guess as to whether it'll just let the matter die or keep taking on taxpayers one at a time.
Looking ahead, just how quickly or how thoroughly the shakeout will proceed is anyone's guess. "The combination of smaller players finding niche plays is going to wane.
How long it'll take, on the other hand, is anyone's guess.
What might happen is anyone's guess, but imagine if there were a serious outbreak this fall that threatened to overwheim the nation's health system.
"[W]hether the owners--millionaires or better--give a damn about energy usage is anyone's guess," he says.
How the OMA will deal with such seeming contradictions as it seeks to create a world-wide mobile device standard is anyone's guess. But unless and until vendors see more value in compatibility than in proprietary solutions, the current levels of service and device fragmentation will continue.
But what voters do with it afterwards is anyone's guess," says Jorge Rial, the show's host.
Why someone who gave away five houses two and a half years ago should be renting again is anyone's guess. But it could be related to the $2.55 million federal income tax lien that the IRS filed against her in July.
Though plans are underway to extend the number 7 subway line, it is anyone's guess when that will happen since the bond act that would have funded the expansion was rejected by voters last November.
There's lots of lost ground to make up--and whether this will last is anyone's guess, though recent signs of a slowdown aren't encouraging--but good times have been rolling.
Whether these moves will pay off for the latest batch of risk-taking Internet converts is anyone's guess. Certainly hopping onto the Web train has proved lucrative for other former outsiders.
As far as the next plant likely to be threatened by a hungry market, it's anyone's guess. "Impossible to predict," says botanist Steven Foster.