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anyone in their right mind

Anyone of a sound, rational mind. Usually used to set up a context in which any sane person would or could do, say, or think a certain thing. Anyone in their right mind can see that poverty affects the entire world.
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anyone who is anybody

All the most famous or important people in society. Usually used to indicate something as being glamorous, trendy, or chic, which all such famous people have, do, or are attending. I hear that the gala in New York City is going to be a star-studded event. Anyone who is anybody will be there!
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as far as the eye can see

Extending to the farthest possible point, as of that which one can see in the distance. Sometimes used hyperbolically, humorously, or sarcastically. I love this part of the country. The green hills stretch out as far as the eye can see. My father was always so proud of his little shop. When I was a boy, he'd take me to the roof and say, "One day all this will be yours, as far as the eye can see."
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burst the bubble of (someone)

To upset or destroy someone's belief, conviction, or mood by delivering news that runs contrary to what they hold to be true. I hate to burst the bubble of everyone here, but this period of economic success will not last long.
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not say boo (to anyone)

1. To be particularly shy, diffident, or timid by nature. Primarily heard in US. My brother is a very sweet, warm-hearted man who wouldn't say boo to anyone. How can you suspect him of committing this crime?
2. To not say a word (to anyone); to keep quiet. Primarily heard in US. The neighbor's daughter is just the cutest little thing, but she wouldn't say boo the whole time we were there. I trust you didn't say boo to those coppers about the little side business we've been running here?
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any (one) worth (one's) salt

A person who warrants respect in a certain field or area. "Any" is typically followed by a particular profession or title. Any teacher worth his salt is able to inspire his students. Any doctor worth her salt is able to diagnose conditions accurately.
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anyone I know?

Who? The phrase can be an innocent question or have a suggestive or coy undertone. A: "Some guys from class will be at the party tonight." B: "Oh really? Anyone I know?" A: "I hear you've begun dating again. Anyone I know?" B: "You know Stan and I are back together, stop pretending you don't."
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be anybody's/anyone's guess

To be uncertain or unknown. Why dogs and cats hate each other is anybody's guess. No one has been able to determine why my daughter has been having nightmares—apparently, it's anybody's guess.
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Anyone I know?

 and Anybody I know?
a coy way of asking who? Sally: Where were you last night? Jane: I had a date. Sally: Anyone I know? Bill: I've got a date for the formal next month. Henry: Anybody I know?
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as far as anyone knows

 and so far as anyone knows; to the best of one's knowledge
to the limits of anyone's knowledge. (The anyone can be replaced with a more specific noun or pronoun.) As far as anyone knows, this is the last of the great herds of buffalo. Far as I know, this is the best spot to sit. Q: Are the trains on time? A: To the best of my knowledge, all the trains are on time today.
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little (hard) work never hurt anyone

 and little (hard) work never killed anyone
Prov. One should expect to do hard or difficult work and not avoid doing it. Go help your father with the yard work. A little hard work never hurt anyone. Go ahead. Bring me some more bricks. A little work never killed anyone.
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not give anyone the time of day

Fig. to ignore someone (usually out of dislike). Mary won't speak to Sally. She won't give her the time of day. I couldn't get an appointment with Mr. Smith. He wouldn't even give me the time of day.
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anyone's guess

Something that no one knows for sure, as in Will it rain next Sunday? That's anyone's guess. [Mid-1900s] Also see your guess is as good as mine.
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be anybody's guess


be anyone's guess

If you say that something is anybody's guess or is anyone's guess, you mean that it is impossible to know what is true or what will happen. How she managed to stay there for an entire month was anybody's guess. How long the fuel would last was anyone's guess.
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anyone's game

an evenly balanced contest.
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be anyone's

(of a person) be open to sexual advances from anyone. informal

anyone's guess

a totally unpredictable matter. informal
1999 Jason Elliot An Unexpected Light The most likely scenario was a government alliance with the forces of the north, although it was anyone's guess how long such a Faustian pact might last.
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ˈanybody’s/ˈanyone’s guess

(informal) nobody knows: Who will win the next game is anybody’s guess.
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anyone would ˈthink (that)...

(also you would have ˈthought (that)...) (of somebody’s strange or surprising behaviour) if you did not know the truth, it would seem that...: Don’t be so nervous! Anyone would think you’d never been to a party before!
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Tennis anyone?

A convention of British drawing room comedies and certain novels of the 1920s and '30s was a brainless but good-natured upper-class twit—think P.G. Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster—who would appear in white flannels (de rigeur for tennis in those days), brandish his racquet, and inquire among the other weekend house-party guests, “Anyone for tennis?” The phrase caught on, as such mindless clichés are wont to do, and decades of wannabe-clever young men on both sides of the Atlantic who felt obliged to say something—anything—would ask, “Tennis, anyone?” even if there weren't a court within miles . . . and then they wondered why no one laughed.
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