anybody's/anyone's guess

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anyone's guess

Something that no one knows for sure, as in Will it rain next Sunday? That's anyone's guess. [Mid-1900s] Also see your guess is as good as mine.
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anyone's guess

a totally unpredictable matter. informal
1999 Jason Elliot An Unexpected Light The most likely scenario was a government alliance with the forces of the north, although it was anyone's guess how long such a Faustian pact might last.
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ˈanybody’s/ˈanyone’s guess

(informal) nobody knows: Who will win the next game is anybody’s guess.
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This year, it's anybody's guess who will land the prize, though the smart money is on two previous winners - and the woman-of-the-moment, Adele.
As the case ends, it's anybody's guess as to who's lying - but Rhys finally chooses a side.
How it works is anybody's guess, but it shows what interesting finds people come across in the process of carrying out their everyday work.
But now, the Doctor and his friends must try to find a way out of the wreckage of a crashed space liner - how they're going to do that before the Weeping Angels close in on them is anybody's guess.
What the real figures actually were is anybody's guess.
It's anybody's guess whether the corporate field or John Doe is going to have the worst of it in the coming 12 months.
Some quoted about 45k for a 15 day worth of work with two resources (ofcourse the quality of the resources could be anybody's guess.
The teams' play again tonight in Seattle, and how Sam Cassell (abdominal strain), Cuttino Mobley (strained groin) and Tim Thomas (back spasms) respond is anybody's guess.
Where they will strike next against American interests, pitting their box cutters against aircraft carriers, is anybody's guess.
How long borrowers will be able to count on this condition remaining in place, however, is anybody's guess.
What happens in between is anybody's guess, something that the most intrepid explorers find out when they navigate a river for the first time.
One winds through these structures toward a colossal white zero painted on a black wall at the end of the room, in the center of which is an aperture leading to a destination that could be anybody's guess.
When, and if, they'll look back is anybody's guess.
It's anybody's guess at this point whether they would travel down that broad Christian road again.
Quite why the nation's leader wanted it out in the open is anybody's guess.