any time

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any time

A response used after someone has been thanked for something. A: "Thanks so much for the help!" B: "Sure, any time!" No problem, any time! Just let me know if you need anything else. A: "Hey, thanks for giving me a ride today." B: "Any time. You do live just around the corner, after all!"
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ˈany time

(spoken) used after somebody has thanked you for helping them, etc: ‘Thanks for the lift.’ ‘Any time.’
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interj. You are welcome.; Happy to oblige. (Sometimes said in response to Thank you.) MARY: Thanks for the ride. PAUL: Anytime. Think nothing of it.
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any time

Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude.
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This special rule, combined with the rule that allows the employer to treat the amount as wages at any time during the calendar year, allows the employer to withhold potentially as late as the following March 31 and still be timely regarding withholding.
In this service, a library builds a lobby adjacent to it that can be accessed at any time even when the library is closed (similar to an ATM lobby).
* Next application deadline: Although the school is on a standard semester system, it accepts students at any time. The next admissions date is May 1 for the part-time semester beginning June 6.
Rt represents torque at any time instant t, and k is the rate constant of the proposed first order curing reaction.
In Bonnie Russ's firm, "we have electronic calendars on our network and everybody has to use them so we all know where everyone is at any time." In addition, the firm uses Citrix remote access software to stay connected to the office while working with clients, so it's been easy to adapt this software for those working at home part of the time.
For most theorists, wormholes hardly seem worth thinking about because they squeeze shut before there is any time for a spacecraft or even information to pass through.