any time

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any time

A response used after someone has been thanked for something. A: "Thanks so much for the help!" B: "Sure, any time!"
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ˈany time

(spoken) used after somebody has thanked you for helping them, etc: ‘Thanks for the lift.’ ‘Any time.’
See also: any, time


interj. You are welcome.; Happy to oblige. (Sometimes said in response to Thank you.) MARY: Thanks for the ride. PAUL: Anytime. Think nothing of it.

any time

Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude.
See also: any, time
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Rt represents torque at any time instant t, and k is the rate constant of the proposed first order curing reaction.
Now, for the first time, all of these time and money saving features are available in an Online, Web-native application that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, over the Internet.
Therefore, process time does not include time spent moving the product, the time it is waiting in queue for machinery to become available or any time not devoted to "hands on" operations.
At any time in the future, they are able to check a document, spreadsheet, e-mail, digital image and digital recording against the stored AuthentiDate code, to prove its originality.
At any time, the system administrator can see how many licenses are active for any application.
And Time Machine 's advanced features enable ASPs to deliver "local" time while minimizing hardware costs and infrastructure overhead: one server with Time Machine is all that is needed to service customers in any time zone, anywhere in the world.