any luck?

any luck

1. Any success. Typically used in negative constructions. We looked for it at every toy store in the area, but I'm afraid we didn't have any luck. A: "Did you have any luck contacting your father?" B: "Nope, the line was busy." I'm sorry, I didn't have any luck finding someone who could fix the printer on such short notice.
2. A question used to ask if someone or something was successful. The phrase can be used as a complete question, or it can precede further information. A: "Any luck contacting your father?" B: "Nope, the line was busy." You talked to your boss about a raise today, right? Any luck? A: "Any luck finding Lizzy's teddy bear?" B: "Nope, and I don't know what we're going to do at bedtime—she'll be devastated."
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any ˈluck?

(spoken) used to ask somebody if they have been successful with something: ‘Any luck?’ ‘No, they’re all too busy to help.’
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When any two anglers meet - be they friends or strangers - the opening gambit is always: Any luck? What then follows is a lengthy tale of either good or bad luck.