any advance on

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any advance on (something)

1. A phrase used by an auctioneer to try to increase the bids at an auction. I've got $500! Any advance on $500? I've got $350, any advance on $350? No? OK, going once, going twice, sold! To the gentleman in the big fluffy hat. Our opening bid is $75! Any advance on $75?
2. By extension, a way to ask if something has progressed. Any advance on that project I assigned you last week? A: "Any advance in the negotiations?" B: "No, the parties are still at a stalemate." He never called you back? I'd been wondering if you'd had any advance on this, but I guess not.
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any advance on —?

any higher bid than —?
This phrase is said by an auctioneer to elicit a higher bid, and so is used figuratively as a query about general progress in a particular matter.
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