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Opposed to the administering of vaccines, especially to children. "Vax" is short for "vaccine." Many people believe that the anti-vax movement puts our whole society at risk.


One who is opposed to the administering of vaccines, especially to children. "Vaxx" is short for "vaccine." Anti-vaxxers usually believe that vaccines are linked to illness.
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(ˈænti and ˈæntɑɪ)
1. n. someone who is against someone or something. All the antis are going to vote for it this time.
2. mod. against someone or something. (Sometimes with the force of a preposition.) I’m not anti the proposal, I just have some questions.
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But at the same time RF can also be used in combination with anti CCP antibody detection to increase the accuracy of RA diagnosis.
A number of studies support that anti CCP antibody detection is helpful to detect RA15-18.
Thus it is concluded that anti CCP antibody detection is more specific marker for RA diagnosis as compared to RF.
As so many pundits claim, the modern age ushered in by science anti consolidated in the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution is giving way to a new age brought about by electronics, the new sciences, globalization and so on.
this paradigm is also profoundly alienating anti desensitizing leading to social, psychological, urban anti ecological breakdown.
This reality is neither abstract and rational, nor fabricated through fantasy and scenario, but experiential anti so shaped by context, or better, embeddedness in multiple contexts.
Books written by anti abortion advocates that deal with post abortion effects are, by and large, heavily infected with bias.
With the advent of safe, legal, routinely performed abortions, a wealth of good evidence has come to light that is quite contrary to common anti abortion assertions.