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Canada's biggest bank anted up $297 million for Northwood Investors' acquisition of the historic 1180 Avenue of the Americas last week.
So far only one NFL team owner has anted up that much during the 2016 campaign cycle according to a report by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington - Robert McNair of the Houston Texans.
The master plan's cost was shared by the city, which anted up $40,000, and the owners of abutting real estate within the area defined by the plan.
82 million for this project, while the province has anted up [dollar] 1.
Lane County and Springfield chipped in with $100,000 each, while the city of Eugene anted up $150,000 for the event.
The documents show Humphries anted up his 617 grand to the alleged scammer on April 5.
Saskatchewan -- which has put in $50 million -- is the only jurisdiction to have committed money to the project, as the federal government has not anted up so far.
6, 2009 (CENS) -- Ctrip and ezTravel, the leading online travel websites in China and Taiwan, respectively, have entered a close bond, as the former has anted up its stake in the latter over 50%, paving the way for both to tap the fast expanding cross-Strait online travel market together.
While the center's box office reports that to date only 100 people have anted up for the full marathon at a $65 top (no package discounts), ticket sales for individual shows have been brisk.
The Federal Transit Administration has already anted up $8.
The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science anted up the smallest amount, $15,000, to make lawmakers aware of the shortage of technicians due to low reimbursement of laboratory services.
Then in 1994, to trump his uneventful two-year stint as a lawmaker, Huffington anted up about $28 million to unseat Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein, again smashing the charts as the most expensive nonpresidential campaign in history.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - Gold fever once again gripped the Golden State as a million residents anted up Wednesday for a 12-state lottery worth up to $500 million.
As the people at the top of the pyramid, they were paid their returns out of the principals anted up by latecomers.
The answer is Gary Head, according to Johnny Allison, new Arkansas State Police commissioner and chairman of Home Bancshares of Conway, which anted up for a 20 percent stake.