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You can buy slow-acting pesticide for ants in bait stations enclosed in plastic, a handy, mess-free solution.
The study served as a hint to how ant species evolve to make the most out of chemical diversification and mimicry.
Summary: The work ethic of fire ants is inspiring scientists to build robots that can function like them in emergency situations
"Provided the Queen is healthy, and enough food is being brought back to the nest, ant eggs have a greater chance of survival.
There are more than 250 species of these fungus-farming ants in the U.S.
Killer ants were first discovered at Gamman Pier in Busan last September.
explodens is a good "model species" for all Southeast Asian exploding ant species, since it displays most of the common features and behaviors associated with other exploding ants.
In the spring, when the weather is still chilly, the ants will tunnel to the roots of plants.
Ants may be small, but they have a lot going for them.
"Normally Ant goes to pick up the dog himself but this time he didn't."
For example, mutualistic interaction between invasive ant and aphid plays a fundamental role in the establishment and spread of ant invasion (Wilder et al., 2011a).
Entomologist Steven Valles, who works in CMAVE's Imported Fire Ant and Household Insects Research Unit, developed novel antibodies that bind to a protein in the fire ant's venom.