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You can't absolutely keep your bed, and we must purchase the girl's discretion when she answers the door, without taking her into our confidence, of course.
He was bailed with various conditions including a curfew at his address between 10pm and 7am and that he answers the door to police checks during this time.
When the farmer answers the door, he shouts, "Keep your d--n jack
My mother does have a security chain fitted and I tell her to always use it when she answers the door.
Lanie Norvell, once served as county sheriff and carries a handgun in his robe when he answers the door late at night.
And if today, we occasionally doubt the Castle's power - it's old, it's falling apart, all the directions are useless, and no one ever answers the door - Pagk's paintings serve to remind us that there's never been anyone home, but the Castle's still there.
He asks the person who answers the door if the addressee is there, and when told no one of that name lives at the house, the delivery man asks if he might use the phone to call his company.