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But what if I give you an answer about justice other and better, he said, than any of these?
MENO: I should answer that bees do not differ from one another, as bees.
SOCRATES: And if I went on to say: That is what I desire to know, Meno; tell me what is the quality in which they do not differ, but are all alike;--would you be able to answer?
"She is in London," Wingrave answered. "I have seen her from the window this morning.
Please see to it that I have an answer by five o'clock "
``Gallant sir,'' answered the Jester, ``nomen illis legio, their name is legion.''
``Then trust him not with thy purpose in words,'' answered the Templar.
"For a lawyer, you are the hardest man to keep to a point I ever saw," Ernest began his answer to the tirade.
"That you should not answer is intolerable," Ernest replied gravely.
"You talk like a child," he answered roughly, "or else your whole conduct is a fraud.
"Ask me no questions, answer mine!" he cried fiercely.
"Greeting, Mopo," she answered. "Say, why does Baleka weep?
"So much the better for you!" answered the Coal Man.
"Here, if you please, madam," the clerk answered. "I must go back to my desk.
"I suppose the papers have been talking a lot of rot," he answered bluntly.