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5) On the morning of the 27th, three men, answering to the description of the three Indians, were observed in Lower Thames Street, were traced to the Tower Wharf, and were seen to leave London by the steamer bound for Rotterdam.
A man unmistakably answering to the description of Monsieur Robert Darzac--same height, slightly stooping, putty-coloured overcoat, bowler hat--purchased a cane similar to the one in which we are interested, on the evening of the crime, about eight o'clock.
But if I follow her in company with a young lady, answering to the description of a young lady that she has a tenderness for--I ask no question, and I say no more than that--she will give me credit for being friendly.
Then, holding the brand, he crossed a deep, narrow chasm in the rocks which ran at right angles with the passage they were in, but which, unlike that, was open to the heavens, and entered another cave, answering to the description of the first, in every essential particular.
She said some one had reported that a stranger answering to the description of her daughter had been seen in our neighbourhood.
On Sunday morning the inhabitants of the poorer localities of Roath, Cardiff, were thrown into a state of unwanted excitement by a rumour, which soon became current everywhere in the district that a man answering to the description of "Jack the Ripper" had visited a shop in Roath.