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The Company has developed a network of answering service locations that share in the 1-800 We Answer commitment to delivering personalized, professional support to each client project.
Customers who order Answer Call at one of the participating Stern's stores -- and who bring in an old telephone or answering machine for recycling -- get that $10 charge eliminated as well.
The Integrated Answering Machine provides many distinct features, such as easily selectable company greetings, automatic fax detection and routing, off-premises "reach me," simultaneous recording of two messages on any CO line, message notification on one or more designated Feature Phones, and easy message retrieval.
With benefits beyond that of a comparable phone system equipped with a separate answering machine -- or with never-ending monthly voice mailbox rental fees -- IVX with Integrated Answering Machine is very cost-effective.
With a simple memory upgrade, the Integrated Answering Machine can easily be upgraded at a later date to fully featured IVX voice mail with automated attendant.
Nasdaq:ASKJ), a leading provider of question answering technologies and services, today announced a strategic partnership.
In addition to providing Ask Jeeves' corporate customers with VoIP technology, HearMe has licensed Jeeves Relevant Answers(SM), Ask Jeeves' natural-language question answering service for its Web properties.
In a recently released report by Saddletree Research, CallWave's Internet Answering Machine was named the leader among all Internet Call Answering services, which provide low cost or free alternatives to second phone lines.
CallWave's free Internet Answering Machine (IAM) enables Internet users to hear who's calling while they're online.
We are offering consumers a feature-rich alternative to answering machines and phone company voicemail, which charge consumers for a service that eVoice does better for free," says Bruce Crair, president and COO of eVoice.
By answering a few simple questions during the eVoice signup, nearly anyone in the U.
Bouquets and candy are out, CallWave's Internet Answering Machine is in.
The Internet Answering Machine is the gift for the mom who has a passion for tying up her phone line surfing and shopping on the Internet.
The company plans to use the combination of Jeeves Answers and Jeeves Advisor, Ask Jeeves' intuitive question answering and personalized shopping advisor services, to provide customers with a friendly and intelligent way to easily shop the online store.
The Ask Jeeves Corporate Services Group provides customers with real-time personal services including natural-language question answering, intelligent advisor, live help technologies, popularity-based automated search, and reporting analytics.