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I suppose it is possible for someone to maintain his or her dignity while not answering questions, but it is virtually impossible to maintain credibility.
Also, answering individual questions on a company-by-company basis is an inefficient approach because often the same questions are asked over and over.
The IAD investigators advised the deputy of departmental policy that required answering such questions and gave her a direct order to answer specific questions relating to an incident where she allegedly engaged in vigilante-type activity when investigating the theft of her sister's purse.
Its easy-to-use system can be set up in 20 minutes and eliminates many of the customer support "pains" involved in answering and tracking customer questions and problem tickets.
Call Screening -- Much like a traditional home answering machine, callers can be routed to a voicemail greeting where they can leave a message.
ezSupport Lite addresses the growing requirement for automated responses to repetitive email questions by automatically answering 80 percent of incoming questions.
Our customer support automation system will help eliminate many of the painful repetitive tasks sellers face, such as answering the same email questions hundreds of times.
We've always been flexible in our services, further demonstrated by the HRAC's tri-level service structure, which enables us to handle the full spectrum of call types; from answering basic scripted questions, forms fulfillment and researching eligibility inquiries to answering complex HR questions and helping resolve claims issues.
an innovative manufacturer of telephone systems for small to medium-sized businesses, has announced the release of the Integrated Answering Machine(TM) for IVX(R) C-Class and S-Class systems.
Automated Question Answering Product for Customer Service
Wilson believes iAskWeb will become the most powerful tool for answering financial questions on the web and intends to tap the company's current strengths while infusing iAskWeb with new business practices and policies to better position it for market growth and profitability.
Answering the tough financial questions facing today's working families and individuals, Answer Financial Inc.