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I restrict analysis in this section to questions for which an answer was posted within the maximum lock period plus 60 minutes--intended to capture only those questions for which the race condition (described above) was binding and for which the delay between asking and answering a question gives a good measure of answerer effort.
Some of these efforts are directed towards the development of question answering (QA) systems, which are a new kind of retrieval tools capable of answering concrete questions.
This second instrument measured preservice teachers' judgments of amount of effort exerted before answering each practice midterm question.
This perspective only works if you skip over Article 2 of the same side, which says that a "member shall deal fairly and honestly with the communications media and the public." To me, not answering questions would be neither fair nor honest.
The employee gets frustrated answering questions about details that he already considered or did not feel were significant.
"Here, we had a question which should have an answer, but it had been proven that there were no means of answering it." This left mathematicians with a fundamental question: Does it even make sense to say the continuum hypothesis is true or false?
In addition, giving students opportunities to practice answering questions and figuring out what they have done incorrectly also promotes understanding of the subject matter.
The employees argued that being placed in the position of answering questions where truthful responses result in a severe administrative penalty violated the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment when they were disciplined for their false answers.
Other CPAs participate by answering readers' questions e-mailed to them by USA Today staff before the hotline takes place.
"In the two years we've been running, it's gone from me answering questions, because nobody else knew the answers, to subscribers responding among themselves.
This meeting followed a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) workshop in Bethesda entitled "Long-term clinical studies in HIV infection." The purpose of the San Francisco gathering was to update treatment advocates on the results of that workshop and to elicit discussion on the need for and the feasibility of 3 potential studies aimed at answering these questions:
But remember - even once you've matched six Millionaire Draw symbols OR six identical cash amounts, you must keep answering all 28 questions correctly or your card will not be valid.
CallWaves' Internet Answering Machine ( is free, but demands that you watch a barrage of advertising.