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"I don't imagine it will last very long," he answered, "and I shall get a fair amount of time to myself.
"I can't describe him," Aynesworth answered. "I shouldn't like to try.
``Gallant sir,'' answered the Jester, ``nomen illis legio, their name is legion.''
``Then trust him not with thy purpose in words,'' answered the Templar.
"I would not," answered Nightingale, "undergo the pain of taking leave, for ten thousand pounds; besides, I am convinced, instead of answering any good purpose, it would only serve to inflame my poor Nancy the more.
"I should take the liberty," he answered quietly, "of doubting the evidence of my senses."
"You talk like a child," he answered roughly, "or else your whole conduct is a fraud.
"Greeting, Mopo," she answered. "Say, why does Baleka weep?
"I go to bring my medicines, men of the king," I answered.
"I am surprised!" answered the Marionette, very much offended.
"So much the better for you!" answered the Coal Man.
"At present, no, madam," the clerk answered. "The affair, as you will see if you read further, is an exceedingly mysterious one."
"Here, if you please, madam," the clerk answered. "I must go back to my desk.
She answered him slowly, subjecting him the while to a somewhat close examination.
"I suppose the papers have been talking a lot of rot," he answered bluntly.